Fixweight Scale TSDW-205


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Fixweight Scale TSDW-205 - 1

Semiautomatic Table-top Dataweigh An ideal combination scale for producing fixed weight food packages Eliminating weight shortage Reducing weighing loss Improving work efficiency labor saving Space-saving design

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Fixweight Scale TSDW-205 - 2

ESBssible to achieve max. combination speed of 30 packs/min, The speed is subject to weighing products and discharging speeds of conveyors. perational procedure 1. Put weighing products on weighing 2. Find out the best combination nearest to the target weight and discharge it conveyors. automatically. Interfacing to packaging machines is easily done. Discharging the combination products as one group It controls product spacing to reduce defective packages. Reduction in weighing loss The TSDW-205 selects an optimal combination nearest to the target weight and discharges it Conventional human...

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Fixweight Scale TSDW-205 - 3

Minimizing product damage

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Fixweight Scale TSDW-205 - 4

Many types of collating conveyors available to best suit your weighing needs. Compact design and casters are standard making it easy to move or relocate the equipment. Weighing Method Strain Gauge Load Cell Weighing Capacity Display Division Combination Accuracy Combination Speed Conveyor Size Outer Dimensions (Depending on weighed items & weighing conditions) Collating Conveyor: 1327(L)x160(W)mm (Flat type) Main display Fluorescent Tube Display, 32(H) x 14.6(W) mm Auxiliary Display Zero Reset, One-touch Tare, Keyboard Tare, Weight Check of Each Head Priority Combination, Weight & Quantity...

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