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Creating the Future of Weighing

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High Speed & High Accurate Weighing Yamato has been at the leading edge of weighing technology for more than 80 years. F1 series applies groundbreaking and innovative technology in the field of Multihead Weighing

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Creating the Future of Weighing Benefits of Frontier Environment Yamato are continually working towards a cleaner, healthier environment. Reducing packaging waste by use of the BBH system is just one way by which we hope to reduce our impact. Productivity Yamato aims to increase productivity by reducing the number of rejected packs due to seal integrity problems. The use of BBH is unique in assisting the associated packaging machine to achieve optimum performance at high speed. Investment The ability to significantly increase speeds whilst maintaining efficiency and productivity can reduce...

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Discharge Channels Discharge Gates

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Providing various types of Discharge Pattern IF1 Frontier series provides various types of Discharge Pattern. Expanding Packaging Flexibility IF1 Frontier series provides versatility.

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Groundbreaking Technology A Technological Revolution in the Concept of Muitihead Weighing

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Continuous Evolution

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Creating the Future of Weighing Compact and Functional Design SIGMA F1-Compact OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS SINGLE TWIN High Accuracy, Small Target Weighing The Compact design offers the optimum in weighing accuracy on small target weights. Compliant with industry standards. Space Efficient The small footprint and reduced height of the weigher allows simple integration into the existing packaging and processing lines. Fragile Product Handling The Compact design offers the benefit of reduced drop heights and chute lengths so minimizing product fall distance. Model Variation Model Weigh Weight (g)...

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Advanced Interactive Command Console RCU-810-A has various range of availabilities with several kinds of additional options. New powerful CPU has made it passible to assist line operators with all operational tunctlons. COLOR Touch Screen Web Camera

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