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Simple design and superb operation The Yamato Alpha Plus Series weighers achieve the highest accuracy by combining Yamato's proprietary Strain Gauge Load Cells with Yamato's patented Digital Filtering that virtually eliminates the influence of external vibration. High Performance Weighing Accuracy Front view Rear view Flexibility, High Speed, Economical The Yamato Alpha Plus Series weighers are available in three configurations:10 head for speed up to 70 weighment per minute, 14 head for 120 weighment per minute, and 20 head for twin applications. Each represents an excellent combination of...

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Excellent Sanitation AH opcrating Systems, including thc radial fecders. are totally cncloscd to provide supcrior sanitation And, al) product contact surfaces arc rcmovahlc without thc use of tools. Radius Corner and Springless Bucket The springless bucket design with large radius corners makes il easy and quk k ta clcan. Radius corner buckeis are easy to clean reducing dowmime. Drive System The Alpha Plus Sries weighere use accurate and repealable siepper motors for bucket door actuation. Motor pallenns are adjuslable and programmable to ensure the highest speed and efficteney for a wide...

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Easy Opration The eolor touch screen UM intuitive graphies tu make opration. troublcshooting. and reeovcry easy to leam and simple to use. Weigh Sensor TT驯c load ccll Icvcl detector under the top conc controls the product flow from the feeding System ensuring proper feed conditions to maximizc efficient}' ami accuracy. The color touch screen displays the amount of product on the top conc. Digital Filter Yamato's Patented Digital filter reduces the influence of cxtcrnal vibration rcsuhtng in htghly accuratc weighments. Communication to PC through RS232C (Option) Yamato Color Touch Screen...

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 18.0g 25.5g 29.3g 15.6g 26.8g 20.6g 100.0g 26.3g 16.7g 21.6g 24.2g œHead No. œFeed bucket œWeigh bucket Weighing Method Using Strain Gauge Load Cells, the computer examines the weight in each weigh bucket. From those weights, the optimal combination to obtain the target weight is instantaneously selected and discharged. If a combination of 5 weigh buckets is selected out of 10 the number of possible combinations is 252. In the same way, if 4 out of 10, or 6 out of 10 are selected there are 210 possible combinations. The total available number of possible combinations...

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DIMENSIONS ADW-S10ACC ADW-514AHCC 1 ,_1»_. &DW-S14ACC AD W-520A LJ Coeectfcn bockm is option i SPECIFICATIONS MODEL ADW-510ACC ADW-514ACC ADW-514AHCC ADW-520ACC Mo. of Weigh Head 10 14 14 20 Max Speed 70 wpm 120 wpm 140 wpm 2X70 wpm Max. Comboation Volume 3.000 ml Weighing Range 4 ~ 500 g/8-1,000 g Kin. Incrment digit 0.1 «.'0.2 k Max. Producfs Length 80 mm Main Dimensions m*V)*M 1.020X1,160X1,000 mm 1,290X1,282X1,366 mm 1,290X1.284X1,645 mm 1,700x1,700x1,860 mm Contrler RCU-901C color Uqukl CrystaJ Touch Screen Hcpper Actuator Stepping Motor driven Power requ rement AC2007 220/240V (+10 to...

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