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Checkweigher I series - 1

Self Diagnosis Self Recovery Optimum Control Remote Maintenance

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Checkweigher I series - 3

• INDUSTRY-LEADING PERFORMANCE LEVELS ^Compared to conventional models EASY OPERATION THE BEST STRUCTURE FOR OPTIMUM FOOD SAFETY & MAINTENANCE Enhanced Load Cell Protection: 3000N W HIGH RELIABILITY & SAFETY IN USE 1 Reject Verification for All-Direction n Self Diagnosis, Self Recovery, Optimum Control, & Remote Maintenance Function

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Checkweigher I series - 4

Ensuring the Highest Level Performance Level 50% improvement in weighing speed and accuracy (^Compared to conventional models) ■ The new digital load cell does not require auto zeroing due to temperature changes, thus resulting in faster operation. ■ The optional dual load cell further increases weighing accuracy. ■ The highly responsive load cell stabilizes the products impact with expedience therefore allowing high speed and high accuracy weighing. ■ A wider variety of infeed and weighing conveyor sizes maximize speed and accuracy by suiting the specific product being weighed. Yamato's...

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Checkweigher I series - 5

Reliability & Safety ■ All-direction reject verification function (optional) I By installing sensors in all directions, this function is able to confirm whether defective products are being properly rejected and prevents those products from being passed on to the next line. ■ Self diagnosis and countermeasure display function Error and abnormal situations, such as overload error, A/D converter error, and countermeasure is shown on the display. ■ Check item alert function The indicator shows items which need to be checked before starting the daily operation. Environmental Responsibility The...

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Checkweigher I series - 6

Network Connection Capabilities The ability to network with peripheral devices improves the production yield rate and saves labor costs. Server Internet Server Operation History Data Retrieval Function After products pass Checkweigher, as well as the weighing value, the resulting operational history data is automatically recorded and transferred to a PC or saved on USB memory. That production output data can be managed centrally and easily utilized for analysis or diagnosis purposes. This function improves traceability and enables the most demanding needs to be met, including customer...

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Checkweigher I series - 7

Standard Models The above system layout is merely an example. Actual layout and dimensions will vary according to the combination of the Infeed Device, Weigh Conveyors and Reject Device. Contact our sales representative for layout and dimensions appropriate to your particular requirements.

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Checkweigher I series - 8

In 1966, we introduced the Checkweigher CB3. We have supplied high-performance, robust, and user-friendly Checkweigher Series units for about 50 years now, while building up a global customer base over that time. Our headquarters are located in Akashi, Japan, and we have regional offices in the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K., France, Russia, China and India. Our worldwide sales network includes representatives in more than 70 countries, and our highly experienced sales and service staff provides customers everywhere with a high level of expertise and service. ■ On-site...

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