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Dependability & Reliability In One Name

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WORK SMARTER - NOT HARDER Efficient, Reliable & Affordable FIBER OPTIC FUSION SPLICER The Yamasaki Y90 Fusion Splicer is a small portable machine designed for use in FTTH, making every day splicing easy. It features a simple navigation pad, fast heat & splice times & an invertible bright LCD screen. * Buffer Strippers * Fibre Tweezers • Internal Battery » Carry Case * Shoulder Strap * Cooling Tray * Screen Protector Optical Technology

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Optical Technology Fusion Splicing Products Test Equipment TF916 Optical Fiber Identifier TVOA1 Variable Optical Attenuator TT1315 Fiber Optic Talk Set

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Yamasaki Y90 Fusion Splicer The Yamasaki Y90 Fusion Splicer is a small, portable I machine designed for use in FTTH, making everyday splicing easy. The fusion splicer is used to connect 2 ' cables together with a low loss of 0.02db (SM) and | The Y90 features a simple navigation pad and an | invertible super bright 5 inch colour LCD screen. Utilising the latest in core alignment technology, the Y90 gives a novice user ability to perform the best I he Y90 Fusion Splicer package comegwtth a highly durable storage case and numerous accessoHespCZ i comes with an impressive 24 months warranty....

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Splicing Method Core Alignment Splice Time Fiber Types Fiber Cladding Fiber Coating Fiber Cleaved Length Average Fusion Loss Return loss Storage of Splice Result Working Mode Operating Temperature 30s (standard) or adjust heating time to suit the ment Splice Protector Sizes Power Supply AC: 100V-260V 50Hz, 30W (Mains) DC: 12V, 25W (Car adaptor) or Internal battery Power Consumption FUSION SPLICING PRODUCTS Y17 Cleave Tool The Yamasaki Y17 is a precision fiber optic cleave tool with a diamond blade designed for all 125μm Multimode or Singlemode optical fibers. The adjustable blade can...

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TEST EQUIPMENT The Yamasaki XO1 FiberPulse Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) with integrated Visible Fault Identifier (VFI) is used to certify fiber installations and locate faults in single-mode fiber optic networks. FiberPulse OTDRs send pulses down fiber optic networks from one end of the fiber, displaying a trace and reporting all detected events such as splices, connectors, macrobends and fiber ends and breaks. The total fiber length is reported along with name, location, loss and reflectance of detected events. The intuitive keypad design features integrated shortcut keys...

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TEST EQUIPMENT The Yamasaki TS21 FiberScout is a new development by Yamasaki, designed as a cost effective and simple solution for identifying faults & testing the length of singlemode fibers. In many cases, this user-friendly device can be used as an alternative to an OTDR, saving you money. This lightweight, rugged, dustproof and water resistant piece of test equipment can list up to 8 results at one time. It features automatic power control, automatic pulse width selection and even a built in VFI. Features Interchangeable connector: FC/SC/ST Long battery life: >10 Hours or ≥ 5000...

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TEST EQUIPMENT TLU Series Laser Sources The Yamasaki TLU Series Intelligent Laser Source is the latest design in Multiple Wavelength Fiber Optic Light Source technology. The available wavelengths include 850,1300nm for Multimode and 1310,1490, 1550nm and 1625nm for Singlemode. It can Generate Wave ID and Tones and the output power is easily adjustable. This ruggedized handheld unit can be used in conjunction with the Yamasaki TPU Intelligent Power Meter to provide a very accurate and reliable test solution with downloadable results. Yamasaki TLU Fiber Optic Laser Source also features an...

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TEST EQUIPMENT TPU Series Power Meters The Yamasaki TPU Series Intelligent Power Meter is the latest design in Multiple Wavelength Optical Power Meter technology. The InGaAs detector is pre-calibrated for 850,1300nm for Multimode and 1310,1490, 1550nm and 1625nm for Singlemode wavelengths. The TPU supports Wave ID which allows the power meter to automatically detect the incoming wave ID transmitted by the TLU series Laser Source and adjust itself accordingly. Additionally the TPU has the ability to identify tones generated at 270Hz,330Hz 1KHz & 2KHz to assist in fault finding and fiber...

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TEST EQUIPMENT TP40 FiberSeek Testing in the FTTx environment just got easier with Yamasaki’s latest piece of PON Test Equipment, the TP40 FiberSeek FTTx PON Power Meter. The TP40 includes FTTH PON Testing, 6 Wavelength Optical Power Meter & Visible Fault Identifier all in one unit. This rugged hand held unit includes a removable rubberized boot, bright backlit LCD, auto shut off function, wide measurement range, upstream burst mode, accurate testing and bright flashing VFI. For Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Using signal pass through for minimal disruption to customers The Yamasaki TP40 PON...

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The Yamasaki TF916 Optical Fiber Identifier is an essential part of any professional fiber optic toolkit. It’s sleek and intelligent design allows the user to Detect traffic, traffic direction, Injected tones and relative optical power within any singlemode optical fiber simply by inserting fiber into the head of the device. The easy to read ultra-bright LED display and audible tone make operation easier and can save you valuable time in the field. The outer casing is comprised of an anodized aluminium making it lightweight yet tough and easy to carry around. The total kit includes four...

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TEST EQUIPMENT TVOA1 Variable Optical Attenuator The Yamasaki TVOA1 Variable Optical Attenuator is another new development designed for introducing precise amounts of attenuation into an active fiber cable. Attenuation can be adjusted in 0.05dB steps, it is suitable for use in PON, PDH, SDH, SONNET networks and also in systems using analog modulation (CATV). Attenuation is shown on the LCD screen in both dB and dBm. On shut down the TVOA1 stores your settings and attenuation stepping, so that next time you turn it on, the TVOA1 is ready to use with your previous settings. Wavelength Range:...

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