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@YAMAICHI electronics ENGINEERED TO CONNECT Y-CON CAT6a - FAMILY FOR INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENT Our new products within the industrial Y-Con RJ45 series are called Y-Con PROFIXPLUG and Y-Con JACK-6*. The10GBase-T RJ45 system fulfills the stringent CAT6a ISO/IEC 11801 standard and is additionally able to transmit power with separate power contacts. advantages The system gives high flexibility due to optional features such as power contacts and light pipes. Moreover it is robust and easy to assemble. The two power contacts give the ability to transmit up to 5 times more power than with power over Ethernet. Furthermore the plug is designed for tool-free assembly and can be re-assembled up to 5 times. The new IP20 LOCK for PROFIXPLUG (see other page) is designed to be used in conjunction with our standard holding frames. This gives additional safety in terms of vibration and avoids unintended disconnection. This IP20 LOCK is easy to assemble to the Y-Con PROFIXPLUG and easy to handle in operation. characteristics System • CAT6A acc. ISO/IEC 11801 standard • Optional power contacts • Current rating: 3.1A @ 70° • Compatible to all standard RJ45 • Durability: 1,500 mating cycles Plug • Stranded wire AWG 22-26 •Solid wire AWG 22-26 • Reusable up to 5 times • Tool-free assembly • Supporting outer cable dimensions from 6.8mm up to 9.25mm Jack • Optional light pipes • THT reflow 260°C / 10 sec.

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NEW IP20 LOCK FOR CAT6A Y-CON PROFIXPLUG More saftey during operation with metal locking variant of IP20 LOCK for PROFIXPLUG and holding frames. In the industrial environment devices are often exposed to strong vibrations. For this application Yamaichi has developed the IP20 LOCK for use with holding frames in order to avoid unintended disconnection and economical damage. The new IP20 LOCK for PROFIXPLUG gives the possibility to integrate the PROFIXPLUG into the IP20 LOCK system. SYSYTEM ADVANTAGES • Frames are available in single, double and in a row of 4 side by side • Holding frames for...

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