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Our Factory We are technically state-of-the-art with soldering, crimping, welding, milling and overmolding. Our well equipped machine park is controlled by our experienced operators. Unsere Produktion Beim Loten, Crimpen, Kompaktieren, Frasen und Umspritzen setzen wir modernste Technologien ein. Erfahrene Experten bedienen den bestens bestuckten Maschinenpark.

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YAMAICHI‘S ALL-IN-ONE SERVICE Until today, Yamaichi Electronics is the only supplier in the area of cable assemblies that offers connectors of its own connector series Y-Circ M (M12) and Y-Circ P (Push-Pull), RJ45 as well as USB connectors from a single source. The bundling of connector production and cable assembly at one production site guarantees short response time and a quick realisation of inquiries. Assemblies with bought-in components are also possible. Pad printing Tampondruck Yamaichi Electronics ist bis heute der einzige Anbieter, der im Bereich Kabelkonfektionen eigene...

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PART NUMBER DEFINITION DEFINITION DER TYPNUMMER Adapter Cable Assemblies: Y-Circ M – Y-Circ M: Y-Circ M – Y-Circ P: Y-Circ M – Y-Con: Y-Circ M – USB: Y-Circ M – Other: Y-Con – Y-Con: Y-Con – Y-Circ P: Y-Circ P – Y-Circ P: Y-Circ M (M), Y-Con (C), Y-Circ P (P) Size / Größe Female, Male, 180°, 90° Pin Count and Coding / Polzahl und Kodierung Options for Interface 1 and 2 / Optionen für Schnittstelle 1 und 2 Female, Male, 180°, 90° Size / Größe Female, Male, 180°, 90° Pin Count and Coding / Polzahl und Kodierung Cable Length / Kabellänge Cable Type / Kabeltyp Wiring Scheme / Verdrahtungsplan...

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