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YRG-2005SS - 1

Compact single cam type Linear conveyor modules Basic specifications Compact single-axis robots Single-axis robots • Graph shows a general guide to gripping power versus gripping power setting (%). Variations will appear in the actual gripping power. Cartesian robots Note. Design the finger as short and lightweight as possible. Note. Set the parameters and holding power (%) of the holding movement command so that any excessive shock is not applied to the finger during operation. Note. When installing or uninstalling the finger, tighten the bolts while the finger is being held securely so that any excessive force or shock is not applied to the guide block. Note. Workpiece weight that is able to be held may greatly vary depending on the material, shape, and/or holding surface conditions of the finger. Note 1. Design the weight of a workpiece to be held so that it is approximately 1/10 to 1/20 of the holding power. (Consider further allowance when moving and swinging the gripper that keeps holding a workpiece.) • Hoding power control : 30 to 100% (1% steps) • Speed control : 20 to 100% (1% steps) • Acceleration control : 1 to 100% (1% steps) • Multipoint position control : 10,000 max. Linear motor single-axis robots Model name Model number Max. continuous rating (N) Holding Min. setting (% (N)) power Resolution (% (N)) Open/close stroke (mm) Max. rating (mm/sec) Min. setting (% (mm/sec)) Speed Resolution (% (mm/sec)) Holding speed (Max.) (%) Repetitive positioning accuracy (mm) Guide mechanism Max. holding weight Note 1 (kg) Weight (g) Articulated robots SCARA robots Allowable load and load moment F Allowable pitching moment Allowable yawing moment Allowable rolling moment Pick & place robots Allowable load Finger Max. holding position CONTROLLER INFORMATION • Mount the finger so that the allowable load and load moment of the guide do not exceed the values stated in the table above. • Make the adjustment so that the finger weight, holding length (L) from the installation surface to the holding point, and overhang (H) do not exceed the values stated in the table above. • Please contact your YAMAHA sales dealer for further information on combination of L and H. 180±10 (Overall length of cable and connector) Wiring port and encoder cover (Heat shrinkable tube) 20.5±0.1 16 2-M2 Effective depth,3.5 (For finger installation) Electric gripper Robot controller Pulse string driver Robot positioner Note. Avoid extreme winding of the cable and fix the cable securely so that it does not move. Take appropriate measures so that any excessive force is not appli

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YRG-2005SS - 2

Articulated robots YRG Series Single cam type Basic specifications Gripping power vs. gripping power setting (%) Compact single-axis robots TRANSERVO FLIP-X Single-axis robots Linear motor single-axis robots Model name YRG-2010S YRG-2815S YRG-4225S Model number KCF-M2011-A0 KCF-M2011-B0 KCF-M2011-C0 Max. continuous rating (N) 6 22 40 Holding Min. setting (% (N)) 30 (1.8) 30 (6.6) 30 (12) power Resolution (% (N)) 1 (0.06) 1 (0.22) 1 (0.4) Open/close stroke (mm) 7.6 14.3 23.5 Max. rating (mm/sec) 100 Min. setting (% (mm/sec)) 20 (20) Speed Resolution (% (mm/sec)) 1 (1) Holding speed (Max.)...

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