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• Lens characteristics -^YAMAHA * This table shows the angle-of-view for Yamaha's standard lenses. If the angle-of-view is greater, there might be more distortion at the edge of the image. • Angle-of-view size, WD, and magnification when close-up ring is used * WD is the lens tip reference. Integrated Robot Vision System with Yamaha's own unique solution for integrated robot vision * The above table shows the field of view when the standard lens and close-up ring are used. (Closest distance value is shown in No Close-up Ring column). * If a close-up ring is not used, a WD less than the value shown in this table cannot be used. * If a close-up ring is used, only WD in the region of this value can be used. * Values in this table are for reference only; Actual values may vary. YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD. Robotics Operations FA Section 127 Toyooka, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 433-8103, Japan Tel. +81-53-525-8350 Fax. +81-53-525-8378 URL https://global.yamaha-motor.com/business/robot/ # Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice. E-mail robotn@yamaha-motor.co.jp RCX340 CONTROLLER YAMAHA ROBOT VISION

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RCX340 CONTROLLER YAMAHA ROBOT VISION Various application examples Labeling device (affixing labels to food packages) ■ Industry: food ■ Robot used: YK500TW omnidirectional robot A robot-integrated vision system that only Yamaha could produce ADVANTAGE Even if the incoming workpieces are irregularly spaced or positioned, labels can be affixed at the same position. Sealant touch-up (engine block sealant) ■ Industry: automotive ■ Robot used: SXYX Cartesian robot ADVANTAGE Even if the workpiece is skewed from its correct position, the skew and angle are detected, and the application path is...

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Our goal: "A vision system that anyone can use easily, even for the first time" Easily complete high-precision calibration just by following a wizard! Even if equipment becomes misaligned, execute auto-calibration and resume operation. STEP 1 Register the desired fiducial mark Execute auto-calibration Select the camera mounting method Fixed upward Fixed downward Can be mounted on moving part Align fiducial mark position If camera is movable, move the robot Fiducial mark If camera is fixed, attach fiducial mark to robot, and move it Camera Easy workpiece registration 3 minutes No need to...

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Megapixel camera supports high precision and wide field of vision. Conveyor tracking reaches 100 CPM. Conveyor tracking reaches Conveyor tracking Ideal for high-speed packaging arrangement high-speed transport of multiple types of items such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products. Example program (RCX240) PTP command MOVE P,P1 CTMOVE CTDRIVE Executed using multiple operation commands Multiple operating takt required Move while following the workpiece Example program (RCX340) Unify movement commands Approximately double the search speed (compared to previous model) New CTMOVE...

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EXTERNAL VIEW You have the assurance of support that can be provided only by Yamaha, the robot manufacturer. You can rely on us both before installation and after installation. Preparatory evaluation and advice give you peace of mind We borrow the workpiece from you, evaluate it, and submit an evaluation report. In addition, we draw on our wealth of experience and evaluation results to provide advice and training regarding selection and installation of robots and peripheral equipment. • Ordering method RCX340 - Controller J No. of controllable axes J Safety standards J Controller option A...

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Accessories and part options Dimensional outlines Standard accessories ● Lighting control board This board adds lighting control functionality to the iVY2 system. (Installed in the iVY2 unit when shipped) 16 mm (megapixel support) KCX-M7214-60 25 mm (megapixel support) KCX-M7214-70 This board adds conveyor tracking functionality to the RCX340 controller. System configuration illustration • Recommended option cable* 25 mm lens (megapixel support) Model: KCX-M7214-70 ● LAN cable with shield cloth (5 m) AB phase input cable connector Model • Tracking board accessories External diagram of...

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