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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 2

FULL LINEUP ARTICUL ATED ROBOTS LINEAR CONVEYOR MODULES Features P. 8 Specifications P.109 Controller for use with the YA series YAC100 TRANSERVO Series SS Type (Slider type) Straight model/Space-saving model SS05H-S SS05-S SS04-S CLOSED LOOP STEPPING MOTOR SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS SG Type (Slider type) Controller LCC140 for Linear module LINEAR MOTOR SINGLE-A XIS ROBOTS Features P.32 Specifications P.217 PHASER Series MF Type Long stroke & high-power using flat motor with core  Double Carriges Standard on all Modules SR Type (Rod type with support guide) Straight model/Space-saving model...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 3

Products using 4-row circular arc groove 2-point contact guides Products meeting Class 10 cleanliness YK-TW Series / YK-XG Series / YK-XR Series Features P.40 YK-XGS / YK-XGP Specifications P.369 CLEAN Type Arm length: 350mm/500mm Maximum payload: 5kg Arm length: 120mm to 220mm Maximum payload: 1kg Single-axis robots Cartesian robots SCARA robots SXYxC SXYxC (ZSC12) SXYxC (ZSC6) SXYxC (ZRSC12) SXYxC (ZRSC6) Arm length: 250mm to 400mm Maximum payload: 5kg Arm length: 400mm Maximum payload: 3kg Robot positioner Single axis Robot driver Cartesian robots Single axis RDV-X RDV-P Arm length:...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 4

YAMAHA ROBOT History and approach Only Yamaha can provide a We provide the best solution 30 years of proven reliability. YAMAHA’s robot development started as it was introduced in our motorcycle production line more than 30 years ago. Since then, YAMAHA’s industrial robots have supported production equipment in a wide variety of industries, such as assembly of electronic products, transfer of in-vehicle components, and manufacture of large-scale LCD panels. Over the years YAMAHA has striven to develop and improve the market and this is a testament to YAMAHA’s reliability. LL YOU Integrated...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 5

unified lineup from miniature actuators to articulated robots. for a wide range of automation. Cartesian robots (2-axis to 6-axis) XY-X Series Sealing work High-rigidity guide ensures long life Single-axis AC servo motor robot FLIP-X Series Board inspection work A wide range of general-purpose robots Closed loop stepping motor single-axis robots Linear motor single-axis robots PHASER Series TRANSERVO Series For long-distance or high-mass transport Low-cost positioning equipment Scara robots YK-XG Series Pick and place work Completely beltless design for high rigidity and high precision...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 6

YAMAHA ROBOT YAMAHA Robot Member Site provides information you can utilize in the model selection or design phase when introducing industrial robots. Additionally, the contents necessary for the start-up or maintenance work are also prepared. Cycle time simulation calculation Use this when selecting models or calculating cycle time. Use this for production line design and device design, and to check the layout and operating range. You can download 2D/3D CAD data for Yamaha robots and controllers. Input simple parameters Input robot model, operating stroke, payload mass, and acceleration...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 7

Accepting registrations from website Useful contents from model selections to design, start-up, and maintenance work are provided. Go to New Registration screen from the top page https://global.yamaha-motor.com/business/robot/ Go to New Registration screen from here Manual download Parts List and Exploded View User’s Manual Installation Manual Maintenance Manual Since this describes not only operating methods and setting methods but also robot placement and examples of external wiring for the controller, it will be helpful for pre-setup work. Since component replacement methods are also...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 8

Product Lineup Ideal for compact cell construction, transport and assembly of small parts, and inspection work. 4w *"* S-axis: Rotate the body horizontally L-axis: Move the body forward/backward U-axis: Move the arm up/down R-axis: Rotate the arm B-axis: Move the tip of the arm up/down T-axis: Rotate the tip of the arm S-axis: Rotate the body horizontally L-axis: Move the body forward/backward E-axis: Twist the arm U-axis: Move the arm up/down R-axis: Rotate the arm B-axis: Move the tip of the arm up/down T-axis: Rotate the tip of the arm

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 9

Reduce personnel, increase productivity 6-axis Handling (general) Assembly / Placement Note. When a load is more than 1 kg, the motion range will be smaller. Use the robot within the recommended motion range. POINT High-speed operation reduces cycle time Thanks to high-speed, low-inertia AC servo motors, an arm designed for light weight, and the latest control technology, these robots achieve an operating speed that is best in their class.From supply, assembly, inspection, and packing to palletization, all applications can enjoy shorter cycle time and improved productivity. Workpieces with...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 10

Product Lineup LINEAR CONVEYOR MODULES From "flow" to "move" Efficient transfer processes for increased profitability Linear conveyor module LCM100 Note. As the figure shown above illustrates CG images, they are different from the actual product.

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 11

Linear Conveyor Module LCM100 Constructing high-speed throughput lines. High-speed movement Round travel is possible Smooth deceleration and stop Direct positioning Work on the slider is possible Reduced transfer time Increased yield Removable slider Production line using LCM100 Saves space Lower total costs High-speed and high-accuracy transfer ●●Max. ●●Max. acceleration: ●●Max. load mass: ●●Repeated positioning accuracy: Note. This is the repeated positioning accuracy for a standalone slider when positioning from one direction (single-side approach). Note. The positioning accuracy for the...

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YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2018 - 12

Product Lineup The length of the transfer line can be adjusted freely by adding modules. POINT Save equipment space. ● Since the movement direction can be changed, the same processes are made common. This makes the equipment compact and results in cost reduction. ● Forward and backward movement at a high speed can be set freely. ● Flexible actions such as moving only some sliders backward is possible. Conventional system Two units of the same process are on one line. Same processes are made common as one shared process. Same processes are made common The slider moves in both directions to...

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