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SCARA robots - 1

Omni directional model Completely beltless model Note Low cost high performance model Wall mount/inverse model Dust-proof & drip-proof model YK-X Series Product Lineup YK-TW YK-XG/YK-X YK-XR YK-XGS YK-XGP Low cost high performance model YK400XR History of 30 years The first YAMAHA robots were SCARA robots. Since the first SCARA robot called "CAME" was produced in 1979, some 30 years of SCARA robot innovations have continually appeared. These SCARA robots have undergone countless modifications in an ever changing marketplace and amassed a hefty record of successful products making them an essential part of the YAMAHA robot lineup.

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SCARA robots - 2

Comprehensive line of YAMAHA SCARA robots P.372 Orbit type Large type ■■Arm length 700 mm to 1200 mm ■■Maximum payload 20 kg to 50 kg ■■Arm length 350 mm / 500 mm ■■Maximum payload 4 kg Extra small type ■■Arm length 120 mm to 220 mm ■■Maximum payload 1 kg Small type ■■Arm length 250 mm to 400 mm ■■Maximum payload 5 kg Low cost high performance model Medium type Wall mount type Inverse type ■■Wall mount type Type where the robot body is installed in the wall. ■■Inverse type ■■Arm length 500 mm to 600 mm ■■Maximum payload 5 kg to 20 kg Type where the wall-mount type is installed upside down....

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SCARA robots - 3

Product Lineup YK-TW Orbit type Y K-T W Layout design freedom High quality User: We want a smaller equipment footprint. User: We want a high precision assembly system. YK-TW can move anywhere through the full ф 1000 mm Note 2 work envelope. YK-TW offers a repeated positioning accuracy of ±0.01 mm Note 1 (XY axes). Featuring a ceiling-mount configuration with a wide arm rotation angle, the YK-TW can access any point within the full ф 1000 mm downward range. This eliminates all motion-related restrictions with regard to pallet and conveyor placement operations, while dramatically reducing the...

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SCARA robots - 4

Easy installation Reduce the number of steps User: Parallel-link robots require large frames which complicates installation… User: Preparing the frame is extra work. We can optionally provide a dedicated frame for the YK-TW. YK-TW has a total height of only 392 mm, and weighs only 27 kg Note 2. With no need for complex calculations of strength, startup steps can be reduced. Lower inertia = Lighter frame Weighs only 27 kg Note. For details on dimensions and price, please contact Yamaha. POINT 8 Underpass motion Ideal for narrow space applications Optimize use of the space right below the...

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SCARA robots - 5

YK-XG POINT 3 Product Lineup Resolver is used for position detector. As the resolver uses a simple and rigid structure without using electronic components and optical elements, it features high environment resistance and low failure ratio. Detection problems due to electronic component breakdown, dew condensation on or oil sticking to the disk that may occur in optical encoders do not occur in the resolver due to its structure. Additionally, as the absolute specifications and incremental specifications use the same mechanical specifications and common controller, the specifications can be...

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SCARA robots - 6

Hollow shaft and tool flange options are selectable. Hollow shaft that allows easy wiring to the tip tool and tool flange for tool mounting are provided as options. As the cable layout is changed, the cable height becomes lower than the main body cover. Additionally, use of extruded material base and motor with low overall height achieves the lowest overall height in the same class. YAMAHA's conventional model Tool flange option for easy mounting of a tool to the tip Hollow shaft option convenient for routing of air tubes and harness wires Zone control (= Optimal acceleration/deceleration...

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SCARA robots - 7

Product Lineup YK-XR Low cost high performance model YK400XR YK-X R Shortest cycle time in this class Superior cost performance A standard cycle time of 0.45 sec. is achieved by drawing out the robot performance to its maximum level. Most economical price in YAMAHA's similar robot class without sacrificing its existing features. With versatile and high performance controller RCX340. Combination of YK400XR robot and new RCX340 controller enable operation up to 16 axes with simple easy networking. YK-XGS Wall mount/inverse model Hanging type is renewed. Completely beltless structure and high...

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SCARA robots - 8

Note 1. The YK300XGS and YK400XGS are custom-order products. For details about the delivery time, please contact YAMAHA. Note 2. For the option specifications (tool flange mount type and user wiring/tubing through spline type), the maximum payload becomes the value in ( ).

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SCARA robots - 9

Articulated robots Linear conveyor modules Compact single-axis robots TRANSERVO FLIP-X Single-axis robots Linear motor single-axis robots SCARA ROBOTS Cartesian robots SCARA robots LARGE TYPE ■■Robot ordering method description···························· 371 ORBIT TYPE WALL-MOUNT / INVERSE TYPE TINY TYPE SMALL TYPE DUST-PROOF & DRIP-PROOF TYPE

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SCARA robots - 10

Linear conveyor modules Compact single-axis robots Tiny type R-axis Completely R-axis tolerable beltless harmonic moment of Note 2 drive Note 3 2 structure inertia (kgm ) 0.005 (Rated) 0.05 (Maximum) Single-axis robots Standard Maximum cycle time payload (sec) Note 1 (kg) 0.32 (RCX340) 0.38 (RCX240) Arm length (mm) and XY axis resultant maximum speed (m/s) Orbit type Articulated robots Linear motor single-axis robots Cartesian robots SCARA robots Large type Pick & place robots Wall-mount / inverse type CONTROLLER INFORMATION YK350XGP Dust-proof & drip-proof type Dust-proof Small / Orbit /...

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SCARA robots - 11

In the order format for the YAMAHA SCARA robots YK-X series, the notation (letters/numbers) for the mechanical section is shown linked to the controller section notation. [Example] • Mechanical YK250XG • Z-axis stroke > 150mm • Tool flange > With tool flange • Hollow shaft Iwith hollow shaft • Cable length > 3.5m • Ordering method Controller section To find detailed controller information see the controller page. RCX240 ► 0534 , RCX340 ► 0541 Note 1. Available only for the master. Robot ordering method terminology iModel Linear conveyor Compact Linear motor Cartesian SCARA Pick & place...

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