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LCMR200 - 1

Ef f iciency of time and space in production Linear Conveyor Module LCMR200 YAMAHA Genuine Horizontal Circulation Unit Supported stroke was added. Yamaha’s answer to Next Generation of Production Line design

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LCMR200 - 2

Reduction of Tact Time in transportation Improve productivity. Flexibility in line design Easy maintenance Low operation cost Production line using Reduce transport time. Convert transfer process into “value-added” assembly process Cost reduction Improved Productivity Adding productivity to transportation process Reduces line design time Save space. Capable of circulating / cycling motion Module structure Circulation unit Features Space saving design Accurate stop Bi-directional move Direct positioning Number of simultaneous Max. controllable sliders * It may differ depending on the system...

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LCMR200 - 3

LCMR200 vs Conventional Conveyor System Mechanical tolerance between robot sliders Repeatability (Single) Maximum payload Conventional type conveyors • Mechanical stoppers or sensors are required at each stop position. • Complicated control due to various conveyor components. • Stopper adjustments are required each time the stop position is changed. • Various adjustments required Able to specify the speed and acceleration speed individually. Operation control Bi-directional and distance can be set individually for each carriage Travel / Stops Physical impact at mechanical stop Smooth...

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LCMR200 - 4

Superior performance that improves the transfer environment. LCMR200 Features Connection plate Connection unit Connection unit Since the cable extraction direction of a module can be selected, the degree of freedom in electrical wiring is improved when installed on the equipment. In particular, when the cable extraction direction is reversed on the forward and returning modules in the horizontal circulation layout, the module pitch can be made close to the shortest level of 200 mm. This can shorten the cycle time and reduce the installation space during circulation. Cycle time reduction...

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LCMR200 - 5

Transfer process is robotized to provide both the high quality and productivity improvement. LCMR200 Features Speed and acceleration can be programmed by each move. All carriages can be controller individually. High acceleration rate ● High speed motion between an extremely short No origin process needed ● distance is possible even in a high density process Newly developed high-precision full-range absolute server eliminates the need for return-to-origin. The operation can be started and stopped easily, so there is no time loss even when starting or restarting. Current position All sliders...

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LCMR200 - 6

Versatile and value added transport between work process. Reduce transport time. Improve productivity. Cost reduction Save space. Improve cycle time and reduce line floor space. Increase productivity and cost performance. Direct drive Slider backward travel Carriage is bi-directional and one work station can perform more than one task. Saving total line cost and floor space. High speed bi-directional move and simultaneous independent operation of multiple carriages. Highly rigid guide The highly rigid guide enables assembly and processing on the transport line. Process sharing Assembly can...

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LCMR200 - 7

Circulation unit Circulation unit features Circulation units are available as standard. Because the circulation units are manufacturer's standard products, the stable operation of the production line is achieved without worrying about module "deviation". Furthermore, you can also save time and effort in design. Measures against “deviation” necessary to maintain the accuracy are taken thoroughly. Maintaining the accuracy is very important for transfer sections, but is not easy since “deviation” may occur. Use of YAMAHA genuine circulation units makes it possible to eliminate such “deviation”...

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LCMR200 - 8

System configuration diagram Linear conveyor module "LCMR200" can be controlled Power unit via YHX controller from the host PLC. Configuration example Driver unit One way 2000 mm, vertical circulation transport line * 200 mm linear model and single-axis robot are used for circulation section Field Network Single-axis robot cable Reduces production line configuration time Stacking modular structure Control power source connector LCMR200-CPC Host controller unit Driver unit Power unit Single-axis robots GX series Motor power source connector LCMR200-MPC Motor power source jumper LCMR200-MPJ...

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LCMR200 - 9

Project file What is a standard profile A project file for LCMR200 that moves a single-axis robot and LCMR200 as a positioner via field network from the host PLC. Standard profile features POINT LCMR200 can be operated using your familiar PLC. Use of YHX standard profile makes it possible to operate the LCMR200 from the host unit such as PLC via the I/O interface of each field work. YHX Remote command is converted by the YHX standard profile. Manufacture line using the LCMR200 Operation Adding operation through a pendant. Perform simple direct value operation and specific point-to-point...

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LCMR200 - 10

Standard profile features Simple direct value operation and point designation movement can be performed. About point designation Overview of remote command 2. Point number to be used. 3. When the direct value is designated, the speed and acceleration use the values stated in 2 and only. Designation image Point 1. Servo ON, return-to-origin, movement, JOG, inching, etc. 3. Direct value position designation 3. Current position output Acceleration Deceleration Tolerance (mm) Slider is ejected in the opposite direction. Circulation unit is moved during transfer. Slider is ejected with the...

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LCMR200 - 11

Basic specifications of LCMR200 Basic specifications of LCMR200 Static loading moment Drive method Magnetic absolute position sensor Maximum payload Mechanical tolerance between robot sliders Minimum spacing between robot sliders Max. external size of frame cross-section Main frame dimensions Linear module length Robot slider length Weight Control power supply Power supply Motor power supply Operating temperature Operating environment Storage temperature Operating humidity Controller Allowable overhang W175 × H109 mm (Including robot slider) 200 mm / 300 mm / 500 mm / 1000 mm 2.4 kg 48 VDC...

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