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Articulated robots Linear conveyor modules Single-axis robots Linear motor single-axis robots Cartesian robots SCARA robots Pick & place robots Compact single-axis robots CONTENTS CABLE Multi-robot cable································ 600 Cartesian robot cable························ 602 SCARA robot cable··························· 603 Cable terminal table···························· 604 PHASER relay cable························· 604 Connector converter cable················· 605 Programming box converter cable···· 605 I/O control converter cable················ 605 TECHNICAL TRANSERVO RF type model selection···· 606 Selecting a model······························ 606 INFORMATION Cautions regarding CE specifications····618 CE marking·········································618 Cautions regarding compliance with EC Directives······································618 Applicable directives and their related standards············································618 Installation of external safety circuits····618 Compliance with EMC Directives·······618 Cautions regarding official language of EU countries·······································618 Cautions on KCs (Korean Certificate Safety) specifications··························619 About KCs···········································619 About measures for KCs····················619 List of robots subject to KCs···············619 Cautions on Korean EMC specifications····621 About Korean KC································621 About Korean KC compliance············621 List of KC compliant robots················621 Example of moment of inertia calculation···········································614 Warranty··············································· 622 This warranty does not cover any failure caused by:··········································· 622 External safety circuit examples········615 Circuit configuration examples (TS-X/TS-P)·······································615 The following cases are not covered under the warranty: ·························· 622 Temperature factors···························623 Fluctuating load factors······················623 TECHNICAL INFORMATION

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