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UL Listed Diaphragm Pumps When transferring petroleum products using air-operated double diaphragm pumps, many local jurisdictions require a pump approved by Underwriters Laboratories Code 79. As a result, Yamada has developed a series of UL Listed Pumps to meet these requirements. Yamada 3/4” and 1” UL Listed Diaphragm Pumps were specifically designed for the safe transfer of volatile liquids at maximum capacities of 23* and 38 GPM*(87* and 144LPM*) respectively while maintaining strict adherence to UL Code 79. Pumps include aluminum wetted components with durable Hytrel® and PTFE elastomers. Key Advantages Meets UL Code 79 Requirements Maximum transfer capacities as high as 38 GPM LISTED AIR OPERATED DIAPHRAGM PUMPS FOR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 19GL (144LPM) Patented, self-lubricating air valve never needs internal or external lubricating Gasoline Kerosene Non-stalling air valve which includes a noncentering, spring assisted shuttle ensures a positive shift every time Outside accessible air valve allows for inspection and maintenance without removing the pump from service Short stroke design reduces flex, extends diaphragm life Diesel Fuel Aviation Fuel Fuel Oil Waste Oil Clay Powder And other volatile Petroleum products * UL Code 79 requires maximum pressure of 50PSI (0.35MPa) or less

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UL Listed Diaphragm Pumps WATER DISCHARGE Data based on flooded suction, ainbtcm watof. Curves based on 70°F water, restrict discharge pressure to For other material combinations, please consult the factory. YAMADA CORPORATION International Department E-mail: intl@yamadacorp.co.jp

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