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Lubrication Equipment

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Lubrication Equipment

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About YAMADA The Yamada Corporation has been a leading producer of industrial equipment since 1905, and of fluid handling products for over 60 years. As a leader in pneumatic pumping technology, Yamada is known in many industries worldwide for its innovative products, superior quality, and unmatched reliability. Other companies may claim to be innovators, but an impressive history of delivering new products and solving customer problems confirms Yamada’s position as the industry leader. Yamada’s reputation for manufacturing top quality products, allied with continuing efforts in research...

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Pump Selection Guide Pump Ratio) The pump ratio is the ratio between the effective areas of the air motor (A) and of the lower pump (B). Where the area (B) is usually indicated as the base (i.e., as 1). For example when A is 100cm2 and B is 20cm2 the pump ratio would be 100:20 or 5 times 1, (=5:1). This ratio is one of the most important factors determining pump characteristics. The maximum (theoretical) outlet discharge pressure can be calculated by multiplying the pump ratio by the supplied air pressure. For example if the above pump with a 5:1 ratio is used with an air supply of 0.7 MPa,...

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Pump Selection Guide Standards of Grease Spray Pressure supply pump Consistency of Grease ASTM Consistency Supplying method firm Please Consult Yamada. Standard Size of Containers 18kg Pail

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Pump Selection Guide Kinetic Viscosities mnf/s mmVs S;This number is appa

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Grease Guns Hand Grease Guns YAMADA is offering high quality, high performance and durable hand grease guns. Select the best model for your needs depending on size, capacity, grease loading method, etc. All grease guns are equipped with straight steel extension or 3-jaw steel extension as standard. 854655 KH-16 - Compact size pistol type grease gun with 3-jaw steel extension (CNP-2) - Barrel with lipped follower for use with 140mL direct-filling or 85mL Bellows Cartridge - Compact size light-weight grease gun with straight steel extension - Barrel with lipped follower for use with 140mL...

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Electric Driven Grease Guns AC100V electric and DC24V battery operated hand held grease guns. All models are only available with 420mL Bellows Cartridge. Discharge Volume Power Source 1.6mL/sec or above at 6MPa load 1.6mL/sec or above at 6MPa load 1.6mL/sec at 6MPa load 2.0mL/sec at 0.5MPa load *1 Battery Charger EG-1414-Y and Battery EG-9002-Y is equipped as standard *2 Exclude battery Battery Charger Specifications Model No. Power Source Power Rating W eight (W ) (k g) 240 2.7 430 2.7 -----2.49*2 Optional Accessories Model No. Charging Time Approx 45 min. Fits model Air Operated Grease...

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Extensions Optional steel and flexible extensions for grease fittings are available. These can fit to all Hand Grease Guns. Grease Fittings NOTE When remove extension, please do not remove Hydraulic Fitting Pin Type Fitting Most common fitting. Button Head Fitting Normal size and large size are available Straight Steel Extension Steel Extension with 3-jaw Coupler Flexible Extension with 3-jaw Coupler Normal Operating Pressure: 21MPa Usable Grease Fitting Hydraulic Fitting Nozzle O.D. 1.5mm Hydraulic Fitting Hydraulic Fitting Pin Type Fitting Button Head Fitting Hydraulic Fitting Pin Type...

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Bellows Cartridge Greases YAM ADA Bellows Cartridge Grease is reputed as clean, convenient and economical cartridge grease, which is long-selling product in Japan. With the tightly-sealed bellows, contamination and air-pocket can be eliminated. By the screw cap, the cartridge change is possible in the middle of use. General Purpose Greases

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Oil Bucket Pumps EXS Series UI4 Ready-to-assemble economical series. The small package can reduce shipping cost. Installation SPRING WASHER THUMB SCREW

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Hand Oil Suction Guns Simple syringe pump for oil. Small size oval shape bucket pump Normal Size Button Head Coupler for VO-50 \T]l j Large Size Button Head Coupler for VO-50 ^17~

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Hand-Operated Grease Pumps Grease Bucket Pump EXS Series Ready-to-assemble economical series. The small package can reduce shipping cost. SPRING WASHER THUMB SCREW Replacement Hoses

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Standard SGR-55 and high volume, high pressure SGR110A5 are available. SGR110A5 is equipped with float-type oil level gauge and mechanical oil flow meter with non-drip flexible extension as a standard. Replacement Hoses

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Air-Operated Grease Lubricators Air-Operated Grease Lubricators. Available with16kg pail. Dimensions Container Pump Ratio Max Discharge Max Discharge Weight Max Air Pressure (MPa) Volume (g/min) Consumption (g/min) (kg) 38.5 Description Follower Plate Caster Grease Hose 1.5M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 2M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 2.5M Max 42MPa Grease Hose

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Electric Driven Grease Lubricators AC100V electric, AC240V electric and DC24V battery driven grease lubricators. Available with JIS18L/20L pail. Dimensions Specifications Model No. Model 880899 881081 880639 Discharge Max Discharge Rotationg Weight Quake Usable Power Container Source Volume (g/min) Pressure (MPa) Speed (rpm) Resistance (kg) Description Dolly Caster Grease Hose 1.5M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 2M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 2.5M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 3M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 5M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 7M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 10M Max 42MPa Grease Hose 10M Max 42MPa Extension Power Cord 5M...

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Air-Operated Oil Transfer Pumps Oil Transfer Drum Pumps EJHH Air-operated oil transfer pumps. Drum Bung Adapter is equipped as a standard. Material Outlet Material Inlet ___y=j_i__i_ Material Inlet

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Wall/Floor Mounting Sets Wall/Floor mounting sets for Oil Transfer Siphon Pumps. Components Description Floor Mounting Set Wall Mounting Set Model No. 881151 881150 881152 881149 Model PKT-90 PKT-50S PKT-90S PKT-50 852634 SH-50A3 880967 SH-90A3 852634 SH-50A3 880967 SH-90A3 Pump 802558 AR-110PKT (with R1/41.5m Hose) Regulator 854801 SCH-200D Suction Hose 854802 Discharge Hose (R3/41.5M Discharge Hose 682428 PRV-7 Pressure Relief Valve 695358 Return Hose Return Hose Mounting Bracket 800400 MTB-SH Floor Mount Stand ----------------804943 PKT-ST Optional Accessories 804943 PKT-ST 881152...

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