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Yale Synthetic Cable &. Rope technology has never lost a customer to a competitor based on quality nor have we sought customers on the basis of price alone. We have always embraced new fiber technologies and have been the first manufacturer to incorporate them in rope and cable products when they provide the best value to the customer. Yale has continuously developed unique custom and modified machinery to maintain its advantage in processing fibers to their fullest potential. We do this every day to the very best of our abilities in Maine and Single Braid 12 Strand Double Braid Parallel...

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then twist- strands into since this four pairs. high energy strand counts Hollow braids utilize fiber. sleeve. This dissimilar fibers engineered into entirely shields rope from yarns that means from level, these This axample of poor processing was coined loss of yarn control during conversion. Every Yalo rone produced utilizes Maditen' processing to insure the highest quality product possible. Yale's major objective in manufacturing ropes is to effectively convert high tenacity yarns into finished braided ropes. Yale maintains an aggressive quality assurance program which covers every...

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OCEANOGRAPHER'S BRAIT This plaited rope is the most predictable nylon rope you utilizing nylon 6 which has a much higher energy absorp- tion capability than nylon difference between a mooring that stays on station or is lost. 2 The fiber is twisted to add firmness, 3 twisted again twisted as we close the strand using a counter twisted veneering yarn creating a better balanced strand. All of this makes a rope that is firm enough to be used over a less than perfect deck. 5 Yale then plaits the eight strands loosely shrink process which further Steam stabilizes the rope over an eight hour...

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NYLON BRAIT. Brait combines braiding technology with plaited rope optimizing the best of both rope styles. Nylon Brait's most outstanding feature is its high energy absorption which comes from a combination of the very long yarn path required to make a plaited rope, and stranditure developed especially to maximize energy absorption. Nylon Brait can absorb (or mitigate) greater amounts of dynamic energy than 3-stranded or braided rope structures with less damage. Braits energy absorption also keeps the correspond- ing loads on attachment points smaller since the rope does more work...

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HY-DEE BRAIT. Hy-Dee is an 8-strand bi-polymer rope with extraordinary dielectric properties. The rope is nubby which provides excellent grip, and treated with a proprietary chemical mixture Yale calls Aralube-die'.ectric. This treatment is the key to Hy-Dee Brait's wet dielectric performance and allows us to make the highest dielectric strength rope commercially available. Easy to splice with a tucking procedure or by the quick splice method illustrated. Hy-Dee Brait meets the ASTM proposed revisions to specification 1701-10 which calls for a maximum leakage of 250 micro-amperes at any...

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LARGER BRAITS . Yale is pleased to announce its acquisition and installation of equipment necessary to produce large diameter plaited ropes. Our capability in these styles of ropes, widely accepted in smaller diameters, now continues through five inch diameter, or 15" circumference. This page provides our preliminary data for these styles of ropes. The first, Nylon Brait, in sizes 6" thru 15" circumference is based on Nylon 6-6 and is a four stage rope, laid firm and easily spliced. The second, Polyester Brait, is also a 4-stage rope based on PET high tenacity yarn offering exceptional...

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Ultrex is a 12-strand single braid of 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMPE) fiber enhanced with Yale's Maxi- jacket HP coating supplying superior abrasion resistance. Ultrex's braid angles and twist level are designed to optimize break strength and keep stretch low. UHMPE is the most forgiving high modulus fiber giving better sheave cycling capabilities than other high tech fibers. Ultrex has zero water absorption and maintains its flexibility even in freezing conditions. As is the case for all Yale ropes the strengths shown in the charts are for spliced ropes, and the...

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Maxibraid is a 12-strand single braid rope constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber. UHMPE fiber has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any synthetic or natural fiber, and it floats. The integral Maxijacket HP coating firms the construction, increases wear life, and helps keep contaminants out of the rope. Maxi- braid also has extremely low stretch, and is laid firmer than Ultrex, sacrificing some tensile strength for longevity in tough field conditions. In many instances we have found this firmer lay retains higher percentages of original breaking strength after...

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Vectrus is a single-braided rope of 100% Vectran™ LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) and is always treated with Yale's Maxi- jacket Coating to increase abrasion resistance and enhance the fibers UV resistance. LCP is more tolerant of tighter bending radii in terminations than other high-modulus fibers. Vectran LCP thrives at high loads and will sustain repeated loads more times than other high strength low stretch fibers. LCP has no tendency to creep making it a perfect so.ution for some critical applications where little or no dimen- sional tolerances are acceptable. In fact, Vectrus was...

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Aracorn 100 is a 12-strand rope comprised of 100 percent Technora Aramid fiber. Teijin's Technora Aramid is selected for this rope due to its ease of handling and reduced internal yarn on yarn friction, which greatly increases this Aramid's longevity. Before we twist this fiber we over apply our own exclusive Aralube coating which improves its translation efficiency as we process it through our manufacturing facility. The rope is twisted and braided with sufficient firmness to be considered self-supporting although many users opt for our Maxijacket urethane coated version which greatly...

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Yalex is a single braid, 12-strand rope constructed of specially lubricated 1W81 high tenacity polyester. Yalex's two end per carrier structure creates a larger void in the middle of rope which makes it easier to splice, and makes used rope splicing much easier to perform. Yalex is always coated with Yale's Maxijacket urethane coatings which reduces the new ropes tendency to snag, greatly enhances abrasion resistance and is a great way to color code ropes for application or load rating. Diameter Average Spliced Minimum Spliced Maximum** Weight * Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce...

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