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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 1

Basic Company Information An ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Certificated Mechanical Seal Design and Manufacturing Company Located in China, Serving the World. Established in 1993

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 2

About YALAN Seals YALAN Mechanical Seals, fully named as Anhui YALAN Seal Component Co., Ltd., and with this new name, was founded in 2001 (factory was founded in 1993) as a national high technology enterprise. With over 26 years of design and production experiences in mechanical seal component industry, YALAN has become a professional mechanical seal supplier that owns a full set of the chain of product design and development, manufacturing, sales and aftersales support services. With continuous innovations, YALAN Seals has accomplished a lot of honor and awards by both national and local...

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 3

Honorably Serving Kingda Pump Industry Group GITI Tire Sanlian Pumps EVONIK Industries China Huaneng BBCA Group Lucky Film COFCO Corporation Shuanglun Group WEIR Minerals Himile Group China National Salt Industry Corporation

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 4

Organizational Structure

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 5

Production Facilities YALAN production center is located in the beautiful Industrial Park of Dingyuan, City of Chuzhou, Anhui, China. The whole facility is over 15,000 sqaure meters. The production center has 70 full time workers and totally 99 sets of production devices. The whole factory is able to manufacture products of over USD 15 million and has an actual annual output value of USD 13 million per year currently. There are right now 8 full time employees working as a QA team to control every step of the mass production and the purchase of parts and components. Beside for the production...

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 6

Production Facilities

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 8

Research and Development Center

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 10

Installation and Testing Center

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 11

Logistics and Warehouse Center

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 12

YALAN Production Team

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 13

Products and Services YALAN Seals provide one stop solution from mechanical seal design to high quality mechanical seal production. Our seal products have been widely used in different sorts of pumps, including but not limited to chemical pumps, centrifugal pumps, high-temperature oil pumps, clean water pumps, circulating pumps, vacuum pumps, sewage pumps and slurry pumps. Beside for pumps, our seals also work with reaction kettles, submerged motors, compressors, blowers, paper-making equipment, sewage treatment equipment and other rotating machines.

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 14

Product Categories Water/vacuum/ circulating pump seals Chemical processing/centrifugal /compressor seals Agitator/mixer/kettle seals Sewage/waste water pump seals Slurry pump seals Paper pulp device and pressure screen seals Cryogenic pump seals Immersion roller seals Mechanical seal accessories

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 15

Product Presentation Military Product For Power Plants and FGD System Standard Mechanical Seals

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 16

Product Presentation Cartridge Seals for Different Pumps Mechanical Seals for Kettles

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 17

Product Presentation Heavy duty mechanical seal system for mixers/agitators/reaction kettles

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 18

Product Presentation Mechanical Seals for High-speed Pumps Mechanical Seals for Dredgers

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 19

Product Presentation Immersion Roller Mechanical Seals Cryogenic Pump Mechanical Seals

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 20

Product Presentation Metal and Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 21

Patents and Certificates With over 26 years of experiences in mechanical seal industry, YALAN has got 28 patents and a lot of other certificates and honors. YALAN's design department has the full ability to design custom mechanical seals according to different special requirements from our clients. Beside for being certificated with ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, YALAN Seals is also one of the 200 companies in China which have the national industrial production permission for mechanical seals. The production center had been audit and certificated by SGS and BV as well. YALAN Seals...

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 22

O Canada O United States O Mexico O Guatemala O Venezuela Russia 0 O Belarus and Hungary 0Mongolia Italy, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and France O Turkmenistan Myanmar, Bangladesh Israel OIran Qatar India Thailand Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore O O Tanzania Zambia Australia South Africa YALAN started exporting its mechanical seal products to overseas markets in 2018. Till now, mechanical seals of YALAN has been exporting to countries above.

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YALAN Mechanical Seals - 23

HQ Office 21st Floor, Lanjing International Building, City of Hefei, Anhui, China Landline: +86-551-64287402 Mobile: +86-18356957562 or +86-17775378093 Fax: +86-551-64247831 Email: contact@yalan-seals.com YALAN Seals' Factory Industrial Park of Dingyuan, City of Chuzhou, Anhui, China Landline: +86-550-4395566/4297918 Fax:+86-550-4297966 Website: www.yalanmf.cn Shijiazhuang Branch Office Suite 15A12, Zhengyang Square, City of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China Landline: +86-311-87965829 Mobile: +86-13785153936 Authorized Dealers Australia - Aus Mechanical Seals 3978 Melbourne, Victoria...

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