YAHAM Typical Reference for LED Window Display catalogues - 11 Pages

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YAHAM Typical Reference for LED Window Display catalogues

Catalog excerpts

LED window display, made by Yaham, can be used for decorating, lightening and playing video ads, especially suitable for stage,high-end brand shop, real estate construction etc.It can optionally play video,image-text,pictures and all kinds of clear messages in time,whatever you want. Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. See the World through Window, Paint the Future by Color

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The Most Classical Project ——P3.5 LED Window Display for Roman LV Shop This amazing display,whose pixel pitch is only 3.5mm,has installed in Condotti LV shop.It can show more smoothly and vividly,although it is made up of 22 steps. Its thickness is no more than 10cm and it can be maintained from the front. What’s worth mentioning is that this display can be controlled by array system,which is developed by Yaham,making the show more perfectly.

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The Most Creative Project ——P10 LED Cylindrical Window Display for MCM Japan The pixel pith of this creative display is 10mm,which was customized by Yaham.Although its diameter is only 1.7m,it’s no problem to the R&D engineer.They developed module with tilt design,making the special display achieve real seamless effect,so that you can enjoy the wonderful show, wherever you are.

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The Most Splendid Project——LED Window Display in the Philippines The LED window project in the Philippines is one of magnumopus from Yaham.Based on the separate window structure,Yaham used unique technology to move the blocked pixels down in order to keep the picture continuously.Such a wonderful design makes the display and the special structure fused together!

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The Most Flexible Project——P10 LED Window Display for NIKE,Japan This P10 project was installed in the window of Nike, showing the latest product message and advertising video. Otherwise, it can be used in the car to strengthen efforts to propaganda and improve the brand impression.

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The Most Delicate——LED Window Display for Maxmara,Hong Kong The modules were spliced so perfectly that the display can really achieve real seamless effect. Otherwise, Yaham adjust the chromaticity and brightness to ensure the uniformity, using the high refresh technology to make the show more vivid. Moreover, the front maintenance make the modules be quickly assembled and disassembled by magnet with simple operation.

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The Most Exquisite Project ——P3 LED Window Display for MIU MIU ,Hong Kong The display has extraordinarily high definition output and achieve real seamless. Moreover, unique module and fixing block design can also help realize slight adjustment to ensure flatness, so the display performs far much better than many other products in the market.

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P8 LED Window Display for L’OCCITANE, Japan The thickness of the display’s cabinet is only 60mm,and that of power is less than 55mm.The special pixel technology is used to assure that the picture can show continuously. What’s more, these two displays can play the same or different frames at the same time, which let users choose whatever they want.

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Double-Face Window Display in Chunxi Pedestrian Street,Chengdu There are 14 double-face window displays in Chunxi Pedestrian Street,which were made by Yaham. These advertising displays are adopted by the same specification. Its pixel pitch is 7.62mm, and the total area reaches 125m².Organic tempered glass was installed on the face of the displays, which make the audience watch the show at short range. Nowadays, this wonderful light box advertising take place of the traditional one, becoming more and more popular!

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Corner mesh window display in Tiancheng Hotel,Chongqing The amazing project become one mark of the Tiancheng Hotel.Its area is 824m²——the large area bring extremely perfect visual effect.This P31.25 mesh display was installed in the glass display, which has high light transmittance with no effect to the show.What a wonderful screen it is!

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More wonderful cases please log in www.yaham.com professional staff are always at your service. Address: Bldg4, HANS Industrial Park, 128 Chongqing Rd, Fuyong, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, P.R.China, 518103. E-mail: sales@yaham.com Website: //www.yaham.com

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