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Yaham LED display catalogue

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Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Address: Bldg4, HANS Industrial Park, 128 Chongqing Rd, Fuyong, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, P.R.China, 518103. Tel : +86-755-2950-3560 Fax: +86-755-2675-5760 E-mail: market@yaham.com Http: //www.yaham.com High-end LED Projects & Service Expert R

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HAN’S YAHAM(大族元亨)Explication COMPANY CULTURE The English name “Yaham” is homophonic to its Chinese name “Yuanheng”, which originates from a Chinese ancient literary masterpiece The Book of Change, “Yuan” represents spring, signifying sprout, “heng” represents summer, signifying growth.Spirit We honor commitment, selessness, justice and integrity. Vision To become the most respected and trustworthy led display provider worldwide. Core Value Customer rst, we believe it pays to work hard. Mission Creat value for our customers, better life for our emplyees and creat prots for shareholders....

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Company Profile and History >>> Company Profile Yaham Optoelectronic Co., Ltd (Yaham) is a company creates led display,VMS and led lighting, today, Yaham Optoelectronic is based in Han's Laser Industrial Park, Shenzhen, Guangdong, where the products are designed and manufactured for the market all over the world. Our mission is to draw upon a spirit of artisanship and perfectionism to create the most reliable and custom-designed integrated led display system, as of now, we have brought the Yaham's light to more than 112 countries. Since 2002, Yaham has been the pioneer of led display...

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• PIDS Terminal Display products have been qualified • Member of ISA (International Sign Association). • Products comply with CE/FCC/UL/TUV/CB Yaham shows sensitivity to the environment and keep sustainable development. This certification was issued by BSI. Yaham executes necessary measures to control and improve quality. This certification was issued by BSI.

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Reflow Soldering Wave soldering Autooptical Inspection “ Han’s Yaham ‘s workshop covers 20,000 m2 and owns a complete production line, including SMT shop, post-soldering line, module assembly line, gluing line, aging line, etc. and is capable of producing display over 5,000m2 per month. The rst oor is assembling shop and the height is 12m, which ensures 4,000m2 display can be assembled and debugged at the same time. We have global top-class equipments, including solder paste printer, unleaded reow welding machine, automatic LED inserting machine, unleaded crest welder, AOI (automated...

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Quality Control ACCELERATED LIFE TEST Our halt testing equipment ensures every single module to work excellently before assembly. All modules will be tested under condition of their highest luminance unceasingly for at least 24 hours. TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY TEST CHAMBER Our temperature and humidity test chamber provides extremely harsh environment to test our modules and cabinet. It analyzes performance of rst module of the every screen under temperature varies from -60 to 150 and respective humidity changes from 30% to 95%. SALT SPRAY TEST CHAMBER The test method typically lls a atomized...

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Specification Outdoor Product Pixel Configuration Screen Weight Viewing Angle Best Viewing Distance Pixel Density Outdoor Advertising Pixel Pitch Strong Cabinet Convenient Maintenance Stamping die crafts and CNC process, high strength and precision; Rear-opening cabinet door design, module can be maintained from both front and back side; Gray Scale Adjustable Brightness Color Temperature Refresh Rate Contrast Ratio Power Supply Storage Temp Operation Temp Operation Humidity Driving Method static scanning static scanning static scanning static scanning Reliable Performance Top-brand power...

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Location:Shenzhen Pixel Pitch:20mm Display Size:742 Location: Holland Location: Russia Pixel Pitch: 12.5mm Location:Shenzhen Pixel Pitch:16mm Display Size:388 Location: Poznan Stadium Pixel Pitch: 25mm Display Size: 230 Location: Shanghai Pixel Pitch: 16mm

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Specification Outdoor Product Pixel Configuration Screen Weight Viewing Angle Best Viewing Distance Pixel Density Outdoor Advertising Pixel Pitch Strong Cabinet Super Wide Viewing Angle Stamping die crafts and CNC process, high strength and precision; 140°H/V, fabulous visual performance from various angles; Gray Scale Color Temperature Refresh Rate Contrast Ratio Power Supply Storage Temp Operation Temp Operation Humidity Better Visual Effect Reliable Performance 3 in 1 SMD results better color fitting and color uniformity, ensuring the final sharp image output; Top-brand power supply and...

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Location:Guangzhou Pixel Pitch:10mm Display Size:402 Location: Hongkong Location:Philipines Pixel Pitch:10mm Display Size:102 Location: Hongkong HSBC Pixel Pitch: 6mm Display Size:27 Location:Hong Kong Pixel Pitch:10mm Display Size:26 Location: Japan Pixel Pitch: 8m Display Size:3.14 Location: Japan Pixel Pitch: 10mm Display Size:24.58 Location:Japan Pixel Pitch:10mm Display Size:16.54

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Specification Corner Angle Pixel Pitch Professional hardware and software platform to realize adjustable brightness without sacrificing gray and signal quality; Top-brand power supply and double signal backup, ensuring reliable performance; YAHAM latest patent technology was used for the second generation seamless LED corner display that devotes to eliminating the black line , it performs smoothly and naturally compared with the first generation; Different from ordinary LED display, the second generation LED corner display could attract more attention to maximize advertising value due to...

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Location:Shenzhen Cloud Pixel Pitch:10mm Display Size:145 Location:Bangkok Empire Tower Display Size:234 Location:Chengdu Pixel Pitch:16mm Display Size:366 Location:Guangzhou Pixel Pitch:10mm Display Size:402 Location:Tianjin Pixel Pitch:16mm Display Size:426 Location:Nanjing Pixel Pitch:16mm Display Size:198

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Specification Outdoor Product 6.Two target markets ifixed installation market and rental market Module Resolution Gray Scale Front/Rear Access Front/Rear Access Front/Rear Access Front/Rear Access Power Supply Storage Temperature Operation Humidity Input Signal DVI / VGA, RGBHV, Composite Video signalS-VIDEO, YPbPr(HDTV) Driving Method 5.Two applications indoor and outdoor 7.Two types of assembly horizontal and vertical Stadium Spectacular Display CNC precisely processed die-casting cabinet, stable, delicate and light. Lock for fixed installation as well as rental occasion. Operation...

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