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Innovative Sen/ice Around the Globe YAGEO DATA SHEET HIGH VOLTAGE CHIP RESISTORS RV series 0.5%, 1%, 5% sizes 0603/0805/1206/2010/2512 RoHS compliant

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YASEO Phfcomp 2 Product specification YASEO Phfcomp 2 Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount SCOPE This specification describes RV0603/0805/1206/2010/2512 high voltage chip resistors with lead-free terminations made by thick film process. APPLICATIONS • Converter • Printer equipment • Battery charger • Computer • Power supply FEATURES • RoHs compliant • Reducing environmentally hazardous wastes • High component and equipment reliability • Non-forbidden materials used in products/production • Halogen Free Epoxy • Moisture sensitivity level: MSL 1 RV series 0603/0805/1206/2010/2512...

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YASEO Phfcomp 3 Product specification YASEO Phfcomp 3 Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount RV series 0603/0805/1206/2010/2512 (RoHS Compliant) PHYCOMP BRAND ordering codes Both GLOBAL PART NUMBER (preferred) and I2NC (traditional) codes are acceptable to order Phycomp brand products. GLOBAL PART NUMBER (PREFERRED) For detailed information of GLOBAL PART NUMBER and ordering example, please refer to page 2. SIZE TYPE (1) The resistors have a 12-digit ordering code starting with 2322. (2) The subsequent 4 or 5 digits indicate the resistor tolerance and packaging. (3) The remaining...

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YASEO Phfcomp 4 Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount RV series 0603/0805/1206/2010/2512 (RoHS Compliant) E-24 series: 3 digits, ±5% First two digits for significant figure and 3rd digit for number of zeros E-24 series: 3 digits, ±0.5% & ±1% One short bar under marking letter E-96 series: 3 digits, ±0.5% & ±1% First two digits for E-96 marking rule and 3rd letter for number of zeros Both E-24 and E-96 series: 4 digits, ±0.5% & ±1% First three digits for significant figure and 4th digit for number of zeros For further marking information, please refer to data sheet “Chip...

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YASEO Phfcomp 5 Product specification YASEO Phfcomp 5 Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount RV series 0603/0805/1206/2010/2512 (RoHS Compliant) FOOTPRINT AND SOLDERING PROFILES For recommended footprint and soldering profiles, please refer to data sheet “Chip resistors mounting”. PACKING STYLE AND PACKAGING QUANTITY Table 3 Packing style and packaging quantity PACKING STYLE    REEL    RV0603    RV0805    RV1206    RV2010    RV2512 DIMENSION Paper/PE tepmg ree! (R)    7" (178 mm)    5,000    5,000    5,000    ---    --Embossed taping reel (K)    7" (178...

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION O PERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE Range: –55 °C to +155 °C P OWER RATING Each type rated power at 70 °C: RV0603=1/10W; RV0805=1/8W; RV1206=1/4W; RV2010=3/4W; RV2512=1W R ATED VOLTAGE The DC or AC (rms) continuous working voltage corresponding to the rated power is determined by the following formula: V= or max. working voltage whichever is less Fig. 6 Maximum dissipation (P max ) in percentage of rated power as a function of the operating ambient temperature (T amb) Where V = Continuous rated DC or AC (rms) working voltage...

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Product specification YASEO Phfcomp Chip Resistor Surface Mount rv series    0603/0805/1206/2010/2512 (rohs compliant)

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Chip Resistor Surface Mount Product specification RV series 0603/0805/1206/2010/2512 (RoHS Compliant) TEST    TEST METHO DPROCEDUREREQUIREMENTS Solderability - Wetting    IPC/JEDECJ-STD-002B test B Electrical Test not required    Well tinned (>95% covered) IEC 60068-2-58    Magnification 50X    No visible damage SMD conditions: 1st step: method B, aging 4 hours at 155 °C dry heat 2nd step: leadfree solder bath at 245±3 °C Dipping time: 3±0.5 seconds - Leaching    IPC/JEDECJ-STD-002B test D Leadfree solder, 260 °C, 30 seconds    No visible damage Soldering Heat    iec 60068-2-58    Leadfree...

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" Yageo reserves all the rights for revising the content of this datasheet without further notification, as long as the products Itself are unchanged. Any product change will be announced by PCN.” @®0®--------- -www.yageo.com

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