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Innovative Service Around the Globe YAGEO DATA SHEET WIRELESS COMPONENTS Ceramic Chip Antenna ANT1204LL00R0918A Cellular-Band 1204 Series

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Phicomp_ Wireless Components Product specification Ceramic Chip Antenna ordering information All part numbers are identified by the series, packing type, material, size, antenna type, working frequency and packing quantity. features • Compact size • High radiation efficiency • Multi-band coverage • Tape & reel automatic mounting • Reflow process compatible • RoHS compliant applications • Global cellular network devices • Telematics • Cellular boradband access • M2M module (3) ANTENNA TYPE L,F,A = Chip Antenna (5) PACKING STYLE R = Tape and Reel

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Phicomp__WireleSS Components | Ceramic Chip Antenna Product specification specification ---- Table 1 DESCRIPTION Centre Frequency Bandwidth VSWR Polarization Azimuth Beamwidth Peak Gain Impedance Operating Temperature Maximum Power Termination Resistance to Soldering Heats NOTE 1. The specification is defined on Yageo evaluation board VALUE _900/1800 MHz _20 MHz (Typ.) 3.0 Max. Linear Omni-directional -1.60dBi / 1.08dBi (Typ.) 50 Q - 40 °C ~ 105 °C _2W Ni / Sn (Environmentally-Friendly Leadless) 260°C , 10sec. dimensions -—Table 2 Machinical Dimension DIMENSION Table 3 Termination...

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Phicomp_Wireless Components Product specification Ceramic Chip Antenna reference design of evaluation board Matching Circuit Copper (Top layer) O Ground via hole Feed contact ■ Ground (Bottom layer) Unit: mm Fig. 2 Outlook and dimension of evaluation board

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Product specification Wireless Components Ceramic Chip Antenna ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCES

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Phicomp_Wireless Components Product specification Ceramic Chip Antenna revision history REVISION DATE CHANGE NOTIFICATION DESCRIPTION New data sheet for SMD type antenna, Cellular-Band application, 1204 series.

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