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Model 61050-1224 155 SL REMOTE CONTROL SEARCHLIGHT FEATURES • Constructed of noncorrosive materials • Sealed beam halogen lamp • Long life gear drive • Low amp draw • Patented clutch mechanism prevents motor damage when running against limit stops • Remote control and 15' cable included • Single lever or touch-pad control for vertical and horizontal light movement • Two speed light movement • Auto-sweep mode cycles light side-to-side automatically • Light will transmit an “SOS” distress signal automatically APPLICATION Ideal for boaters ... locate buoys, moorings, channel markers, etc. Ideal for RV'ers ... pinpoint road signs, campsites, or use as backup light. SPECIFICATIONS • 360° horizontal movement • 75° vertical sweep • White thermoplastic housing and base Control and 15' cable included with light - Control Adaptor 15' Cable INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS LIGHT MOUNTING 1. Select a location for the light which will allow for clear beam projection. Searchlight base should be mounted on level, flat surface. 2. Using the light base mounting template enclosed, drill three pilot holes and a cable exit hole. Fasten hold down bracket on to mounting surface with screws provided, or applicable screws for your application. 3. Peel off adhesive backing from gasket and place on light mounting base with the adhesive side on the base. Feed cable through cable exit hole. 4. Slide light base on to hold down bracket while pushing down on base, making sure metal strip on light base engages the hold down bracket. Fasten screw on the outside of the base to seal the base against the surface. NOTE: Secure cable with nylon clips or equivalent. Protect installation at points of stress and leave adequate slack where cable must be flexible. Model Weights Standard Number Voltage Amps Fuse/Breaker Candlepower lb (kg) Carton

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1. Select a location near the helm position to mount the control. Check under the mounting area to assure there is adequate clearance for the control. 2. Cut 2-3/4" (70mm) diameter hole for the control and drill two pilot holes for the mounting screws. 3. Power to control must be controlled by the boat running light switch. The searchlight control has LED illumination that will go on with the boat running lights. The searchlight can only be used with the running lights on. The running light circuit must be capable of carrying the amperage load in addition to the running lights and have a...

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MOUNTING TEMPLATE (Light Base) Forward Hold-Down Bracket Pilot Holes Cable Exit Area Pilot Hole

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DIMENSIONAL DRAWING Searchlight Inches (Millimetres) 7.9 (200.7) T~ 2.5 (63.5) DIMENSIONAL DRAWING Electronic Control Unit Jabsco THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN ARE SUBJECT TO THE JABSCO ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY, WHICH IS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION UPON REQUEST. Jabsco Jabsco 20 Icon Bingley Road, Hoddesdon Foothill Ranch, CA 92610-3000 Hertfordsire EN11 OBU Tel: 949.609.5106 Tel: +44 (0) 1992 450145 CANADA Fluid Products Canada 55 Royal Road Guelph, Ontario N1H 1T1 Tel: (519) 821.1900 Fax: (519) 821.2569 JAPAN NHK Jabsco Company Ltd. 3-21-10, Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama, 222 Tel:...

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