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Solids Dispenser SDB-1 01 The bench-top Solids Dispenser SDB-1 can dispense calibrated volumetric doses (and multiples) of solids in a highly precise and repeatable fashion. The SDB-1 increases lab productivity and at the same time ensures process accuracy. Compared to other techniques the volumetric dispensing is particularly fast (2.5-3.5sec. per dose), independant of dose size. Due to its compact benchtop configuration it is easy to integrate in the workflow and alleviates tedious repetitive tasks . The dispensing heads are interchangeable to enable running several materials with different dose size and no cross-contamination. A large dispensing head can dispense from 5 mg up to 5 g (depending on material) and multiples. A small dispensing head is capable of dispensing from 5 mg up to 300 mg (depending on material) in a single shot, or higher for incremental dispensing. We also offer customised solutions, e.g. for automation. Workflow Solids are introduced into the equipment by attaching standard glass vials containing the sample (for small dispensing heads) or containers (large dispensing heads). Glass vials are available in standard sizes, and containers can be customized to process requirements. Dispensing heads are detachable and can be swapped for rapid switch of material without cleaning and risk of cross-contamination. Powder doses can be selected in 1- 99 incremental volume steps with dispensing cycles displayed.

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Performance Volumetric dispensing head calibrated to your specific requirement Up to 99 pre-selectable repeat doses for higher volumes. Features Exchangeable dispensing heads, and volumetric dispensing disk. Specifications Volumetric dose sizes in the range of 2.3mm³ - 8100mm³ (corresponds to dose of 5 mg to 5 g, depending on bulk density of material) Accuracy: +/- 3%, depending on material Dosing cycle time: 2.5 - 3.5 sec. Sample vials: O 28 mm glass screwthread, available in 40ml or 60 ml or container 250ml-1000ml Size: 160 mm (W) x 210mm (L) x 450 mm (H) Weight: 3 kg Power Supply...

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