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What is the price of rocker arm for vertical mill? The upper and lower rocker arms are widely used in the loading and unloading equipment. They are often used in ball mill equipment or in vertical mill equipment. In ball mills, it is a key equipment for crushing, and the application is also compared. Widely used in non-ferrous metals, refractory materials and building materials, glass ceramics, it is possible to grind various wet and dry materials. For example, the vertical mill rocker arm produced by CHAENG is one of the more important parts in the vertical mill grinding equipment. Each set of rocker arms includes an upper rocker arm, a lower rocker arm, a central shaft, a bearing housing and a bearing, etc., which mainly transfer the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder to the grinding roller, and then convert it into a grinding force for the grinding table of vertical mill. The large steel castings processed by the Great Wall Cast Steel also have their own processing advantages. The vertical mill rocker is processed with secondary flaw detection to ensure the quality of the products. It is also equipped with advanced polishing technology to improve the appearance quality and comfortable viewing. And the use of high-quality alloy steel, to ensure the wear resistance of the rocker arm, has a strong fracture resistance. At the time of leaving the factory, the company has professional inspection personnel to perform several flaw detection tests on the force surface of the rocker arm to reject the defective products. Processing advantages 1. Level-2 flaw detection standards, to ensure quality.

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2. Use arc gouging and shot blasting treatment, to grantee the appearance quality; 3. Use ZG270-500, ZG30SiMnMo high-quality steel material to ensure the strong wear resistance and fracture resistance of the rocker arm. 4. Professional testing staff perform non-destructive testing on the force surface of rocker arm several times. If you are interested in vertical mill rocker arm and other large spares, tell us your requirements and drawings, we will send you details and quotation!

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