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Introduction Rotary kiln tyre is also called rolling ring or riding ring, which is one of the main components on the rotary kiln. The role of the kiln tyre is to pass the entire gravity of the cylinder (including the refractory bricks, internal equipment and material gravity) to the support roller, and the cylinder can rotate smoothly on the roller, so the kiln tyre must have sufficient strength and durability; at the same time, kiln tyre is to strengthen the radial stiffness of the cylinder, it should ensure sufficient rigidity. Weight 5-80T Application Cement, metallurgy, chemical, construction industries Customizable Yes Processing advantages 1. High strength, good durability CHAENG uses ZG45 and ZG42CrMO material, which can guarantee the strength and toughness of kiln tyre, so as to play a better supporting role.

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2. Use advanced dual-medium quenching process CHAENG adopts advanced two-medium quenching process to process uniformly every part of kiln tyre, so that CHANEG kiln tyre has high hardness and high toughness and good wear resistance, can adapt to a variety of harsh working environment. 3. CHAENG kiln tyre has simple structure which is easy for routine maintenance. 4. CHAENG can produce a variety of rotary kiln tyre according to the customer's drawings. The optimized technology and excellent quality can ensure that rotary kiln produced by CHAENG matches well with the original rotary kiln...

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Case Excellent product quality makes CHAENG rotary kiln tyre sold to Henan, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces, and also to many well-known overseas enterprises in Italy, Turkey, Chicago and others. In 2014, a Guangxi building material company purchased φ4.0×60m rotary kiln and φ2.4×4.75m coal mill from Great Wall Machinery, the matched kiln tyres were manufactured by us. In August 2014, the kiln tyre produced by CHAENG passes the acceptance of Zhejiang Tongli Company, and got highly praise. In 2012, CHAENG kiln tyre was delivered to Italy

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Chaeng Service 1. Cost-effective CHAENG has the top-ranking casting equipment, strictly follows the national lever-2 detection standards, and executes 360° all-round nondestructive testing system, to ensure the reliable quality and long service life of steel castings. CHAENG is hailed as "the most cost-effective steel castings manufacturer". 2. Fast delivery CHAENG has strong technical teams, detailed production scheduling, wide range of raw materials purchase channels, and perfect logistics delivery system, making efforts to achieve the shortest delivery period in china. 3. “Three-heart”...

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