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Grinding roller for vertical mill Introduction Vertical roller mill is the core equipment of modern grinding system, and the grinding roller is the key grinding part and the core component of vertical roller mill. Because the grinding roller can directly exert force on materials, there are high requirements on hardness and wear resistance for the grinding roller in actual production. The number of grinding rollers directly determines the grinding force and contact events on materials. Weight Cement, building materials, chemical industry, coal and other industries. Processing advantages

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1. CHAENG grinding roller is processed through unique process technology, to get the features of high hardness, good crack resistance, good wear resistance and strong load carrying capacity; 2. Use professional flaw detector for quality test and adopt arc air gouging for finishing treatment, so that the surface of CHAENG grinding roller is smooth, to ensure the grinding efficiency; 3. The unique design of CHAENG grinding roller makes it less wear and tear in operation, greatly reduces maintenance and replacement, and prolongs its service life. 4. Perform flaw detection for the stress...

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Confirm the drawings of grinding roller, and simulate the casting process by computer simulation technology; During casting: CHAENG grinding roller adopts the most advanced water glass sand molding process, which has higher density and viscosity. And CHAENG has professional technical team to strictly control molding size and molten steel temperature, so as to strengthen hardness and wear resistance. After casting: CHAENG has decades of casting experience and perfect product testing system. The key parts is performed flaw detection, to ensure that the grinding rollers have 100% qualified...

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Chaeng Service 1. Cost-effective CHAENG has the top-ranking casting equipment, strictly follows the national lever-2 detection standards, and executes 360° all-round nondestructive testing system, to ensure the reliable quality and long service life of steel castings. CHAENG is hailed as "the most cost-effective steel castings manufacturer". 2. Fast delivery CHAENG has strong technical teams, detailed production scheduling, wide range of raw materials purchase channels, and perfect logistics delivery system, making efforts to achieve the shortest delivery period in china. 3. “Three-heart”...

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