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INNOVACERA-technical ceramic solutions

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COMPANY PROFILE 公司简介 厦门英诺华新材料有限公司厦门英诺华地处福建省 厦门经济特区。该地区资源聚集、交通十分便捷。 厦门英诺华研发、生产和销售先进技术陶瓷材料材料 包括氧化铝、氧化锆、氮化硼、氮化硅、可加工陶瓷和 其他先进陶瓷材料。根据加工工艺的不同产品包括陶瓷 金属化零件、陶瓷加热零件、陶瓷轴套和陶瓷泵用零件 等。 产品广泛应用于航天空、科研、流体控制、食品工 业、汽车工业、 军事、高温环境、电子电气、冶金、 医疗、半导体、环保、造纸、玻璃、机械制造等工业领 域。 厦门英诺华是一个具有十多年先进陶瓷材料研发、制造 和销售历史的专业企业。公司通过了ISO9001:2008和 ISO14001:2004质量体系认证公司和国内多所高等 院校联合开发新型材料制品并取得多项专利。 厦门英诺华以“追求稳定永续经营”为宗旨遵循以 人为本、以市场为导向、以客户为中心、以竞争为手段 的经营思想依托于科技立足于创新以先进、科学 、严谨、务实的管理为基础以规范化、标准化、合理 化、效率化为原则努力建造现代企业制度力求早日 跻身世界先进材料企业的行列。 Xiamen Innovacera Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd (INNOVACERA) is located in the Special Economic Zone of Xiamen, Fujian...

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R&D AND SERVICE SUPPORT 产品研发和服务内容 作为专业精密陶瓷材料供应商我们主要是根据客户要求提供陶瓷金属化和精密陶瓷零部件解 决方案。 As a professional supplier of Advanced Ceramic Materials, our main business provides solutions of metallization ceramics and ceramic components as customer’s request. Availability of Variety of Materials Development by Characteristics of Each Product; Design Designed by Consideration of Materials, Shapes, Specifications, Near-Net-Shape and Tight Tolerance of Dimension; Accumulated Know-How in R&D and Production 能够合理的设计产品结构也可以根据客户原有的设计进行改善 Suitable Technology for Characteristics, 使其机械结构最大程度的满足陶瓷材料的的制造要求 and...

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PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT 生产设备 Tunnel Furnace Surface Grinding Centerless Grinding Screen Print & Baking Polishing Machine Atmosphere Furnace

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INSPECTION INSTRUMENTS 品检设备 X射线测厚仪 X-Ray Analyzer 光学影像测量仪 Optical Image Measuring Instrument 粒径分析仪 Particle Size Analyzer 金相显微镜 Metalloscope 分析天平 Analytical Balance

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Metallized Ceramic 金属化陶瓷制品 陶瓷材料96%氧化铝 涂层材料钼锰金属层 另可做披银锡等金属工艺 应用广泛应用于高电压、高真空和高压强领域 Material: 96% Alumina (Al2O3) Coating Layer: Molybdenum-Manganese(Mo/Mn) Plated Layer: Nickel(Ni), Copper(Cu), Gold(Au), Etc. These metallized ceramics are ideal for high voltage, high vacuum and high pressure applications.

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Alumina Ceramic Heater 氧化铝陶瓷加热器件 陶瓷材料96%氧化铝 Shape: Tube, Rod and Plate Excellent electrical insulation Rapid heat-up Small size and high power Act heating element for soldering iron and station, oxygen sensor, E-cigarette and other heating analytical instruments.

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Alumina Ceramic 氧化铝陶瓷 氧化铝陶瓷92%, 96%, 99.7% Good mechanical strength Excellent electrical insulation High-frequency loss Good thermal conductivity Heat, wear and corrosion resistance. 广泛应用于汽车零件石油化工流体控制物料输送机械工业电子 电气和半导体等领域 Alumina is the best-known advanced ceramic material, is widely used in automotive, petro-chemical, fluid control,material transfer, Industry, electrical and electronic, semiconductor. Sapphire is single-crystal alumina.

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Zirconia Ceramic 氧化锆陶瓷 陶瓷材料 Zirconia Toughness Alumina (ZTA); High Mechanical Strength, Excellent Wear Resistance, Good Surface Finish, High Fracture Toughness 产品包括阀门配件、精球、喷嘴、量具、泵体内衬、柱塞、刀片、 活塞和线轮。 Zirconia ceramic products include valve trim, precision balls,nozzles, tool and pump liners, plungers, blades, pistons and drawing rolls.

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Boron Nitride Ceramic 氮化硼陶瓷 热解氮化硼热压氮化硼 Easily machined to desired shape Excellent heat resistance Outstanding electrical insulation High wet resistance to molten metals, slags and glass Extreme corrosion and wear resistance Ideally used in high temperature furnace construction, ceramic manufacturing, semiconductor industry, PVD coating and microwave

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Machinable Glass Ceramic 可加工微晶玻璃陶瓷 易加工性 Easily machinable Withstand high temperature Electrical insulation Radiation resistance Can be soldered to a wide range of materials Lead free Laser technology Aerospace/ Space Fixtures Automobile Semiconductor/ Electronic Medical/ Laboratory equipment Chemical Military/ Nuclear

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Silicon Nitride Ceramic 氮化硅陶瓷 陶瓷材料氮化硅 Light weight (60% Lighter than Steel) Excellent wear resistance Contact fatigue resistant High fracture toughness Electrical insulation Balls for Check Valves and Hybrid Ball Bearings Cylindrical Rollers for Hybrid Roller Bearings and Fuel Pumps Cam Rollers for Engines and Fuel Pumps

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Ceramic Metering Pump 陶瓷计量泵 在灌装过程中对介质不会产生污 No pollution for medium throughout High hardness,wear-resisting, The perfect replacement for glass pump and stainless steel pump. Ceramic Metering Pump is widely used in Pharmaceutical Machinery, Environmental Engineering, Petrochemical and Food Industries.

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Porous Ceramic 微孔陶瓷 陶瓷材料氧化铝或碳化硅 Material: Alumina or Silicon Carbide Uniform pore sizes and high surface areas; Excellent chemical resistance; Good wearing and erosion resistance; Withstands high temperature; Good rigidity and dimensional stability; Low resistance for both gas and liquid flow Through applications. Filters for gases and liquids/ Micro-bubble diffusers/ Gas burners/ Vacuum holding plates (vacuum chuck)

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High Temperature Ceramic 高温陶瓷制品 陶瓷材料88%95%氧化铝 Zirconia Coating Excellent permeability Excellent binder removability Excellent thermal shock resistance Vailable in various sizes and shapes Light weight and easy handling Offer a full range of solutions for supporting parts during sintering. In oxidizing atmospheres,the maximum temperature is up to 1800~2400

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PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES 生产能力 成型多样化等静压干压注射流延和CNC净尺寸成型等 Isostatic press, Dry press, Injection molding, Tape casting and Gel-Casting; Near net shape forming and CNC green machinging for complex parts; 陶瓷金属化和金属封接 Metallization Ceramic and Ceramic to Metal Brazing 陶瓷和金属装配 Ceramic to Metal Assembling 氧化铝和氧化锆产品尺寸范围从1MM到1000MM Alumina and Zirconia parts range from 1 mm (.03") to 1,000 mm (39") 表面涂层、PVD、CVD Coating, PVD, CVD 其它详细加工技术和服务内容见下表 Other machaning technical and services as below chart; 项目 尺寸范围 Size Range 平面加工 Flat Surface Machining 厚度 Thickness 内圆 Inner Diameter 外圆 Outter Diameter 孔加工 Hole...

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APPLICATIONS 应用范围 Grinding Components Grinding Components Silicon Nitride Ceramic Rod Ceramic Ball Valve Boron Nitride Nozzle Ceramic Roller 氮化硼陶瓷绝缘环 BN Insulating Ring

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APPLICATIONS 应用范围 Battery Powder Tooling Armour Hex-Ceramic Plate Ceramic Pump Ceramic Ring for Automotive Ceramic Tile for Wear Resistance Printer Hole Wire Gudie Ceramic Insulating Ring Ceramic Metering Pump Ceramic Rod for Crystal Growth

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