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Beryllia Ceramic

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BERYLLIUM OXIDE CERAMIC Introduction Beryllium Oxide (BeO), which is commonly referred to as beryllia ceramics. Beryllia Ceramic’s thermal conductivity(equivalent to aluminum) is second only to diamond , it has superior performance at high temperatures, high insulation and excellent mechanical, electrical, microwave properties and high thermal stability. No other material can economically deliver the same performance and reliability demanded by today’s high-tech products and systems. Above advantages, has created a market demand for beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramic, or beryllia. Toxicity Isuue Regarding the toxicity of beryllium, it refers soluble beryllium oxide is toxic, our beryllium oxide ceramics is sintered at 1650-1700 ° C high temperatures and it is finished ceramic material which is insoluble in acids and alkali, therefore through proper protection, our beryllium oxide ceramics is not toxic.

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BERYLLIA CERAMIC PROPERTIES BERYLLIUM OXIDE CERAMIC Item Testing Condition Dielectric constant Dielectric loss angle Dielectric strength Flexural strength Average coefficient of linear expansion Thermal conductivity Thermal shock resistance Bulk density Chemical stability

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INNOVACERA BERYLLIA CERAMIC PRODUCTS BERYLLIUM OXIDE CERAMIC •BEO Ceramic Substrates •BEO Ceramic Support Rod •BEO Ceramic Metallized Part (Metallized Ceramic Joining Types: W-Mo+Metallized + Plating Ni) •BEO Ceramic Crucibles •Other Customized BEO Ceramic Part

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•High melting point •Low dielectric constant •High electrical resistivity •Thermal shock resistance •Easy and effective metallization •More consistent heat dissipation •Low coefficients of thermal expansion •Better uniformity of crystalline structure •Superior thermal conductivity(equivalent to aluminum) •More durable in semiconductor chamber cleaning environments

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•Nuclear Reactors •High power electronics •Semiconductor processing •Avionics conversion circuits •Microwave communications •Transmitters for radio frequency •Oil and gas exploration equipment •Long-range fiber optic transmission •Medical Industry such as eye surgery •Magnetic resonance imaging machines •Missile guidance systems in military industry •Industrial laser metal-cutting and marking equipment •Airplane and satellite communications systems in aerospace field

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厦门英诺华新材料有限公司 XIAMEN INNOVACERA ADVANCED MATERIALS CO.,LTD ADD: 9C No.56 Yibin North RD, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, China 361006 TEL: 0086 592 558 9709 FAX: 0086 592 558 9733 EMAIL: EMILY@INNOVACERA.C

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