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OPTIONAL TOOL For XEBEC BRUSHTM Outline dimensions SELF-ADJUSTING SLEEVE™ Patent Pending Newly Released! Rack gear stand set [Rack gear] [Hexagonal brace] Lineup Product code Shank length(mm) Outermost diameter(mm) Shank diameter(mm) Main body weight Maximum rotation speed Supporting brush Realization of Complete Automation Feature Please make sure to read the user manual before use. In order to ensure safety, please observe the operator safety measures and operational precautions listed below. Please read XEBEC Brush™ Surface Instruction Manual for usage of XEBEC Brush™ Surface. [Operator safety measures] If these safety measures are neglected, there are following risks. • If the tool fragments and/or chip powder gets into the eyes, there is the risk of losing eyesight in the worst case. • If the tool fragments and/or chip powder hit the skin, there is the risk of getting injured. • Dust generated by machining process may cause skin irritation or allergy. [Beware of Grinding Powder] • Grinding powder and burrs may scatter within an area around the work as the brush revolves; therefore, please collect dust using a dust collector and stay clear of this area. Release from frequent line stops! Maintain optimal processing conditions! [Wear Protective Equipment] • Always wear safety glasses, protective gloves and masks when operating the tool. In addition, wear long sleeves and have the cuffs/bottom of the jacket properly closed to minimize skin exposure. [Caution to Your Surroundings] • Because it could be dangerous if tool fragments and/or chip powder scatter while working, enclose the potentially dangerous work area to prevent other people from entering, or have those around the work area wear protective equipment. Please visit our homepage for details. http://www.xebec-tech.com Your Order This product is an optional tool for XEBEC Brush™ Surface. *Use this product in place of XEBEC Sleeve . By mounting XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve™ 1. High grinding power 2. Consistent cutting quality 3. No deformation XEBEC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ADD. TE L. URL E-mail 1-7-25, Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083, Japan +81-(0)3-3239-3481 FAX. +81-(0)3-5211-8964 http://www.xebec-tech.com info@xebec-tech.com XEBEC Brush™ Surface with standard XEBEC Sleeve™ ©COPYRIGHT 2016 XEBEC TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 4. Manual adjustment or projection is n

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Advantages of using the XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve™ With XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve™, manual projection adjustment is no longer necessary! Production efficiency Unmanned processing Increase in machine operation rate ● Reduction of labor costs ● Release from frequent line stops and tool length control Guide sleeve Side gear Quality stability Brush holder Rack gear Hole for rack gear installation (3 holes) In addition to the main body, a rack gear set such as that shown in the figure above is included. *Please inquire regarding other maintenance parts. Always check that mating gears are in the...

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