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XEBEC® Floating Holder is an optional tool for XEBEC® Cutting Fiber to stabilize the cutting load. Patent Pending Product Code: *incl. low and high springs and bush ■ Extend Tool Life! ■Reduce the amount of tool wear so as to stabilize processing conditions. Reduce Process Control! ■Prolongs time to adjust brush exposure from sleeve and cutting depth due to tool wear. Improve Quality! ■Delivers stable edge quality by adjusting for changes in cutting amount due to tool wear. Ideal for Mass Productions!!! The tool holder floats by the action of the spring inside the holder, thus assuring stable processing under load control! Changing spring load is possible depending on materials and target quality!! (incl. standard with low and high springs) spring expands and shrinks for 6mm When spring When spring Ideal to be used in CNC machines for mass productions and can also be used in drill press to stabilize the cutting load! ~with various machines^ ■Machining Center ■Custom Machine ■Drill Press Can be used with collett chuck Drill Press

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C-shaped Steel ball cap screw Tool holding tube Shank-fastening screw Setting mark [Pre-operation Inspection] ■When mounting tool on the machine, insert the shank all the way to the bottom of the chuck, then secure it tightly. In mounting the XEBEC Cutting Fiber, insert the shank all the way into the tool holding tube, and secure rt tightly with shank^fastening screw. ■ Conduct a test run for one minute or more before starting work, and three minutes or more after changing the tool, to confirm the absence of any abnormality such as tool vibration or looseness. ■ Even rf nothing abnormal...

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