XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ (Meister Finish, Heat-Resistant, Diamond, Soft, Pencil)


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No breaking, No cracking, No chipping XEBEC Ceramic Stone uses the unique abrasive ceramic fiber instead of abrasive grains. For effective use The use of metal polish liquid prevents clogging and increases polishing efficiency. Stick type: Press the tip against the surface at angle of approximately 45 degrees. Rod type: The entire surface (tip and sides) has grinding power. XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Diamond : Contains diamond entirely, the side can be also used for polishing. XEBECCeramic Stone”* XEBEC. Features <Stick type> •The original ceramic fibers are aligned from two directions •Efficient polishing performance and strength •High polishing capability on the tip <Rod type> •Braided structure developed by the unique technology •Cutting edges are exposed over the entire surface •Both the tip and sides have high grinding power Usage of an option tool, a rotary tool, a vibratory tool The tools can be used by directly holding in your hand, or can be used with the optional stick holder to improve work efficiency. Stick type: Using with a vibratory tool (electric, ultrasonic and pneumatic) improves work efficiency. Rod type: Using with a rotary tool (electric and pneumatic) improves work efficiency. When using with a rotary tool, make a tool length less than 50mm and mount it on the rotary tool. The recommended rotational speed : 7000min_1 The maximum rotational speed: 30000min_1 XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant: Can be used with an ultrasonic vibratory tool. How to select Product name How to shape or form the tool tip If the tip is worn out, form it with a diamond disk blade or grinder. You can also customize the shape depending on the application or workpiece shape. To shape the tip of the rod type finer, mount the tool on a rotary tool and rotate it for forming. To cut off the tool, make a cut in both sides of the tool using a diamond disk blade etc. Finishing data XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Diamond Precautions for Use ■When using a vibratory tool or a rotary tool, please carefully read the instruction manuals and precautions for use attached to tools. ■When using rod type (tj)2.34, et>3) with a rotary tool, use at less than the maximum rotational speed of 30000mm-1 and make a tool length less than 50mm. ■When using with an ultrasonic polisher; -Check the appropriate output. Tools may break or generate heat when the output is too large. •Check the appropriate length. If the length is inappropriate, tools may not vibrate or concentrated output may result in generating heat. •Clamp the tool securely. Poor clamping may concentrate output, resulting in excessive heat generation. -Carefully read the instruction manual of an ultrasonic polisher because polishing performance differs depending on clamping method. ■XEBEC Ceramic Stone Soft cannot be used with either rotary or ultrasonic tools. Operation Safety Measures [Wear protective equipment] Always wear protective goggles, gloves and masks when using the tool. Wear long sleeves, tight cuffs, and clothing to minimize skin exposure. [ Pre-operation inspection] When mounting on machines, insert the shank end all the way to the bottom of the chuck and secure it tightly. Stop the tool immediately if you find anything unusual. Shaft breakage, deformation or even tool breakdown may occur. [ Beware of cutting particles] Cutting particles and burrs may scatter within the work area as the tools revolve. Please stay clear of the area. [ Caution to your surroundings] The work area is hazardous in case flying pieces of fiber rods from the tools and cutting particles may scatter. Enclose the work area to prevent other people entering or have people wear protective equipment as well. Warning Follow the precautions for use and operation safety measures without fail. If you fail to observe them, there are following risks. •A tool ora part of a tool may crack, drop off, distort or break. •Broken pieces of a tool or cutting particles may stick into your skin, or at worst stick into your eyes, causing loss of sight. •Dust generated by processing may bring up skin irritancy or allergy. Please visit our website for details. Material: NAK55 (HRC:40) Polishing area: 30mmX15mm Polishing method: Manual polishing with lubricant Material: D20 after wire cutting (HRA: 90) Polishing area: 30mmX15mm Polishing method: Pneumatic tool with lubricant XEBEC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Fuerte Kojimachil-7 Building 8F, 1-7-25 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083, Japan TEL: +81-3-3239-3481 FAX: +81-3-5211-8964 www.xebec-tech.com info@xebec-tech.co.jp Your Order

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XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ (Meister Finish, Heat-Resistant, Diamond, Soft, Pencil) - 2

XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish Excellent for mold polishing and deburring XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant Heat resistant up to 200 °C and suitable for continuous use with an ultrasonic tool XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Pencil Ideal for polishing and deburring engraved and narrow details of mold XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Pencil Equivalent grit (color) Pencil holder Product code Stick type Equivalent grit XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Diamond Stick holder for XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Suitable for materials harder than HRC57 such as cemented carbide and hardened steel (SKD, STAVAX, etc.) Designed for XEBEC...

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