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XEBEC Brush Wheel Type - 1

XEBEC Brush™ Wheel Type Innovative CNC Deburring and Polishing Solutions Approaching burrs on a side surface and expands the solutions for CNC deburring and polishing!

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XEBEC Brush Wheel Type - 2

Features ● Removing burrs on a side surface ● Innovative brush made of XEBEC's original ceramic fibers ● CNC deburring and polishing by“overwhelming grinding power” , “consistent cutting performance”and“no deformation”   ※Our products do not contain refractory ceramic fibers. Product Structure The main unit (brush) and a shank are sold separately. Insert a shank into a brush unit before use. When replacing a brush, order only a brush part. Main Unit (Brush) ● Cutting Surface of Screw Thread Applicable Workpiece Side surface after end milling Side surface after drilling Back Burr Inner...

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XEBEC Brush Wheel Type - 3

Lineup and Product Specification ■ Main Unit (Brush) Brush Diameter Product Code Bristle (color)  (Attachment:Dedicated screw(Product Code: W-SC-M4-6)  ×1piece) ■ Shank  Shank Length Product Code W-SH-M Shank Diameter Processing Conditions ■ Initial Processing Conditions Product Code Cutting Speed Spindle Speed Table Feed (mm/bundle)      (mm/min)      ■ Processing Conditions Range Product Code Cutting Speed (m/min)         (mm/bundle)        * As bristles are worn out, bristle length becomes shorter and increases stiffness, causing bristles to be broken. If bristles breakage occurs, please...

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XEBEC Brush Wheel Type - 4

Reference Tool Life 【TOOL】 W-A11-50(+W-SH-M)   【MATERIAL】 Iron(S45C) , Burr root thickness 0.1mm , Cutting process: End milling        【PROCESSING CONDITION】 Cutting speed:250m/min (Spindle speed:1600min -1) Feed per bundle:0.7mm/bundle(Table feed:7000mm/min) Depth of Cut:0.2mm , Placing a wheel type brush to a 120mm-length edge * Tool life differs depending on processing conditions and material. Machining Equipment The tool can be mounted on apparatuses that control the spindle speed and depth of cut. ● Combined lathe ● Machining centers Can be used with a milling chuck holder or collet...

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