XEBEC Brush Length Adjustment Tool XP-EZ-001


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TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Brush length Adjustment Tool This jig helps to adjust the brush projection length for the Cutting Fiber. machine brush adjustment! ^ No need of taking the Cutting \ No need of measuring brush projection length each time ^ Speedy setting is possible Brush drops down to the very end as soon as loosening the screws! It helps eliminating hassles when adjusting Cutting Fiber brush projection amount. Voices from work site. brush length projection length each time. Voices from work site. Voices from work site.

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XEBEC Brush Length Adjustment Tool XP-EZ-001 - 2

Setting the brush projection amount Adjustment of brush projection 1 Move brush rest using 3 Hold the unit in one hand, and align sleeve rest with sleeve tip. 4 Loosen the screws adjusting brush projection for the Cutting Fiber. (Brush will drop to brush rest.) Tighten the screws Fixing nut adjusting brush Cutting Fiber. • Before using this device, please confirm that Cutting Fiber attached to the machine have completely stopped rotating. • If this tool is dropped on the floor etc., the built-in hexagonal wrenches may pop out. Please take care not to lose these wrenches. • This tool is only...

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