XEBEC Brush Crosshole (High Grinding Power Blue Brush)


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TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. XEBEC products are manufactured in a plant that meets ISO 9001 International quality control and assurance standards. Cross-Hole Deburring Tool Brush Type High Grinding Power Blue Brush: ■Realizing automated deburring and polishing of inner wall of stainless steel, hard-to-cut and ferrous material ■2 times higher grinding power than red brush (A12 series) Centrifugal force generated by rotation helps to flare brush to remove cross-hole burrs generated in cylinders Brush tip has grinding power. Deburring and edge finishing is done by the brush tips Realizes automated deburring and cutter mark removal with machine equipment such as machining centers, robotics Thanks to unique brush material (ceramic fiber) -it maintains consistent performance -no deformation after repeated use

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Brushes flare out under centrifugal force and the tips remove burrs 9 No grinding power on the side of the brushes 0 Please use in a machine which can operate more than 8000min-1 of brush rotation speed. Usage over the maximum rotation speed may result in dangerous breakage of the tool. Insert the tool while Rotate the tool past Work the brush back Work the brush forth Stop rotation Pull the tool out while not in motion the cross-hole__ not in motion Before insert For better edge finishing, rotate the tool clock-wise and anti-clock wise to bring up deburring efficiency. Targeted bore...

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