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A world powered by clean energy

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Xebec Biogas Solutions From Biogas to Biomethane Biogas is a mixture of CH4 , CO2 , and other trace gases. It is produced from anaerobic digestion of food waste, animal manure, landfills, and sewage. After pre-treatment (H2S, VOCs, Siloxanes, Ammonia and H2O) and purification steps, biogas is upgraded to biomethane, a renewable substitute for natural gas. How the Process Works Organic Waste Wastewater Treatment Plant Membrane upgrading Plant Renewable Hydrogen

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Fast Cycle PSA Technology Xebec’s compact, Fast Cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is designed to upgrade biogas feed streams containing CO2, H2O, H2S, and high amounts of N2 and O2 (total molar content of 0% to 30%). Xebec’s proprietary PSA technology is highly efficient, with proven recovery rates up to 96%. Our Point of Difference High N2 and O2 removal rates • The adsorbents used in Xebec’s PSA system have high kinetic selectivity toward N2 and O2 • Apart from high rates of CO2 removal, up to 95% of the inlet N2 and O2 can be removed from CH4 in the adsorption process Adsorption...

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Membrane Technology Xebec’s high-performance polymer membranes are suitable for treating biogas streams which mainly contain CH4 and CO2. Xebec membranes selectively separate CH4 from CO2 and other trace gases and upgrade biogas to pure biomethane with recoveries as high as 99.8%. Hollow Fiber Membrane Best in class performance • Recovery rates up to 99.8% CH4 purity up to 99% ease of operation No moving parts • High turndown rates • No chemicals required • Xebec’s membrane system is modular and easily scalable • Green energy • Due to the very low CH4 concentration in the exhaust stream, no...

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Xebec offers its customers a total biogas upgrading solution from plant design to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and start up. Xebec Service and Aftermarket Teams are focused on delivering maximum plant availability. • Single point customer contact • Plant design, purchasing, fabrication, and delivery • Process safety assistance • Installation supervision, commissioning, site engineering coordination, and start up • Remote plant performance monitoring for reliable and safe operation • Spare parts inventory • Service, maintenance and support available • Gas analysis and sampling...

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Committed to first class customer service. Xebec stands behind the service, spare parts and technical support needed to ensure the most complete and effective solution for every installation throughout the world. Email: XEBEC Adsorption, Inc. 730 Boul. Industriel Blainville, Quebec J7C 3V4 Phone: (450) 979-8700 Email: XEBEC Adsorption (Shanghai), Co. Ltd. No. 92, Block 5, East Jiangtian Road Songjiang Economic Zone, Shanghai Phone: +86 21 3352 8700 Fax: +86 21 3352 8705 Email:

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