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XCMG Wheel loader LW500KN construction - 6 Pages

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XCMG  Wheel loader LW500KN construction

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Outline Dimensions SJTCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS Hated operating load    5000 Dunp clearance at maximum lift    3100^3720 Re*: h M niacln-ium lift    '.DO -12/0 Max.traction force Hydraulic type Uine-idte_ Talal hydraulic eyde time Min. In mil kj radium over tyres_ Articulation angle Grade-ability Tyie sue_ Overall machine d»T>ereipn |_*WvH Model_ p,«Va-n'vciiet-i',d (o^Atur-i'^n firffMlni updrtK Tilm|[*<■ 50ntdate.(fl«■!><■>«■ SKVtbMkl.*n[l"i|Wf^lOti(™-IV*H'UM piHk^l :• 51=- =.:e:    =.m- r-=or.c i c NuC »*tw*eParkItord,    Delict,Hmzho-i. Jiana-sv <7 ■■■7-1r-^s

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Product Overview ■ LW500KN wheel loader is a high performance loader independently developed by XCMG and sufficiently proved by the market. Featuring solid structure, strong power, high stabi ity and reliability, high safety and comfort, and high energy-saving and efficiency, it’ s the first-choice production equipment for medium and heavy duty conditions, including ports, logistics, and large mines. Performance advantages ■ The 2*16.5t traction force and 2*3.7m high dumping capacity handle the severe conditions with ease. ■ 2*7t lifting capacity and 2*17t breakout force handle all kinds of...

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Powerful Upgrade High Firmness and Reliability Drive parts of outstanding performances • The inline, water-cooled, four-stroke, 6-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged engine equipped features high torque reserve and is elaborately designed especially for working conditions of construction machinery. • The wheel reducer for the enhanced drive axle adopts integral gear ring structure to improve the load carrying capacity of axle and meet the needs under all kinds of severe conditions. • The special keyed drive shaft for construction machinery ach eve higher reliability. The rear diesel...

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High efficiency hydraulic system • The double-pump convergence technology of the hydraulic system achieves outstanding fuel-saving effect for the overall machine. High efficiency working device •The optimized design of working device hinge joints reduces the pressure of hydraulic system, improves the reliability of hydraulic system, and lowers the power and fuel consumption of hydraulic system while guaranteeing the leading performances of the machine. Reasonable distribution of overall weight • I7.2t overall weight of standard model meets the operation needs under severe conditions and...

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Human-Oriented and High Comfort and Safety Timely Services and Powerful Guarantee Guarantee of continuously high-efficiency running • The super-spacious luxury cab features large space and good visual field. The optional ROPS/FOPS cab is at your choice. • The adjustab e steering gear can adapt to the operation habits and working needs of the operators in different body forms. • The adoption of in-depth sound insulation and shock absorption measures greatly reduces the internal noise of cab during working of machine to provide a quiet operating environment fcr the driver. • The all-new...

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Diversified Choice and Extensive Adaptability Diversified bucket design • Standard bucket: The shape of the bucket is optimized to realize low thrust force and high working efficiency. The bucket is made of high strength steel plate, featuring high reliability. • Rock bucket: It’ s dedicated for handing of hard materials (such as reck), featuring good resistance against wear and impact. • Light material bucket: Dedicated for handling of bulk materials, including coal and wood chips, the bucket capacity is enlarged (3.5, 4.0, 4.5 amd 5.0m}) to achieve higher working efficiency. Multiple...

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