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XCMG Telescoping Boom Crane Series - 6 Pages

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XCMG Telescoping Boom Crane Series

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JTCMG XCMG E-Commerce Inc. For more complete information on XCMG products,dealer services and industry solutions, visit us on the web at TELESCOPING BOOMftRAIIF SFRIFS 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008

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FEATURES & ADVANTAGES Ltem SUSUnit SQ2SK1Q SQ2SK2Q SQ3.2SK1Q SQ3.2SK2Q W ilili SQ16SK4Q Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System    L/min    20    20    25    25 Max Pressure of Hydraulic System    MPa    16    16    20    20 SKSSfR    Oil Tank Capacity    L    25    25    30    30 Installation Space Rotation Angle i, mmmmm, xmmm. Single cylinder synchronization guy cable technology make work efficiency more higher than before. 2S    ftftttit-pnitt. Advanced development means make sure that the design is very reliable. The more symmetrical center design of pentagon & hexagon boom make it has bigger...

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MS. 3,    AttffcSit, ffitSlTSSJ'iS- US. 4. ZfHllSSSOI,    5.    RTSaSLtTettt; SUsfifTWfr, US

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Rated lifting load teWVkmmmm Rated lifting load IftttM *0W61*ffiW«Max lifted load(kg) Working Radius 6.35m    10.35m    15.35m    20.35m    24.35m tamv&mgmm Rated lifting load IffMS(m) *raW6**BJHMIMax lifted load(kg) Working Radius 4.9m    7.6m    9.3m    11.1m    12.7m fistmm&m Rated lifting load IfftSfi(m) *EW£**e?l-KffiMax lifted load(kg) Working Radius    5.1m    7.7m    10.3m    12.8m    15.4m Rated lifting load IfW*(m) *H*fci*iBH*ffiMax lifted load(kg) Working Radius 5.1m    7.9m    9.7m    11.5m    13.4m

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Main Technical Specifications Max Lifting Capacity    kg Max Lifting Moment    T.M ttlPM    Recommend Power    kw Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System    L/min Max Pressure of Hydraulic System    MPa Oil Tank Capacity    L SBtagS    Crane Weight    kg Rotation Angle    ° XUSMl TIMBER AND INDUSTRY CRANES IftiS(m)    lifted load(kg) Iffifi(m) mled load(kg) Working Rains 5.4m 8.2m 11.0m 13.8m 2.50    12000 Optional Load Attachments

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