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XCMG Skid Loader XC750K - 6 Pages

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XCMG Skid Loader XC750K

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JTCMG XCMG E-Commerce Inc. For more complete information on XCMG products,dealer services and industry solutions, visit us on the web at

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s,    mmR±%iw&*3i,    Bhmim&s iis&)ts^x;^#^^o The XC750K is a new medium-sized skid steer loader of XCMG. The unit can be equipped with a two-speed walking configuration, a pressurized cab and a fresh air conditioning system. The whole machine adopts a large flow system, which can meet the needs of working conditions such as clearing manure in cattle house, loose sand in bed, stacking pasture, and road cleaning.

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tt I STRONG POWER AND HIGH ENERGY-CONSERVATION AND EFFICIENCY • ES»£nDnJ!$£3&#l, 9*$S3fr, The renowned brand engine equipped features strong power, ultra-low emission, and higher fuel efficiency. • BeaSiS^iS, gi$iSgpTii18km/h,    tttt |g TO •'JV o The double-speed motor with maximum speed up to 18km/h is installed to achieve high working efficiency. It can complete the site transfer rapidly and efficiently. It can respond faster to the needs of emergency working conditions such as rapid snow removing. The hydrostatic drive device is applied to realize quick change of appropriate...

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I mm*mp I MAINTENANCE-FREE SPROCKET CASE XCMG’s skid-steer loader is applied with sprocket case of integral structure design and standard high-strength maintenance-free chain. During the use of this product, no secondary tension is required to reduce the user’s downtime due to periodical adjustment of chain. I ONE-STOP MAINTENANCE The maintenance points are concentrated on the rear of the machine to realize the one-stop repairs/maintenances without uplifting the cab. The cab can be tilted backward for a large angle to make the repair and maintenance portions more accessible. •    sum The...

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(J5®«i5cm), a»a m, WMikWSr:. Applicable working condition: It can rapidly and effectively remove the thin snow, dusts, viscous dry mud, and other wastes and is especially suitable for sweeping of roads, sidewalks, driving lanes, parking lots, runways, and warehouses. It’s applicable for sweeping accumulated soft snow (In thickness of <15cm) and snow piles and blowing residual snow.

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AUluUII Overall dimensions Applicable working condition: Breaking of roads. It’s applicable for user's outdoor operations with limited interior space or height and is an ideal tool for large-area breaking. astaS: Applicable model: XC760K(fe/fti*M):1200x 150(}f jjg2?® x 36®) XC760K (Standard flow): 1200 x 150 (Ditching depth x width) XC760K(* £*£«)/ XC770K 1500 x 200(JFjfJ2?S x 36®) XC760K (High flow)/XC770K: 1500 x 200 (Ditching depth x width) XC750K MAIN SPECIFICATIONS iliWlS!: XC740K/XC750K/XC760K/ XC770K Applicable model: XC740K/XC750K/XC760K/XC770K

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