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XCMG Off-highway Heavy Dump Truck Series Products - 10 Pages

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XCMG Off-highway Heavy Dump Truck Series Products

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»' Germo » ® HJfc Czech Pepublic «g 3 Ukraine XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008 \MMG OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY DUMP TRUCK 5ERIE5 PRODUCTS

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OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY UUMI> TRUCK 5ERIE5 PRODUCTS SXCMC Company Profile □FF-HIGHWAY HEAVY DUMP TRUCK SERIES PRDDUET5 XCMG off-highway tipper products, widely used in the open air mining, water conservancy construction,port excursions heavy transport, reclamation and other construction, the vehicle through different constructionsite, thousands of high strength industrial assessment test and then stereotypes , Both the domestic sales and exports volume are ranked first in the industry.

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OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY UUMI> TRUCK 5ERIE5 PRODUCTS Requirements for different road conditions, Reasonable matching 340-420 horsepower Weichai, Cummins and other brands on mine dedicated engine, low speed, high torque,through the optimization and upgrading reduce average fuel consumption by 3% -5% According to each of the engine torque characteristic curve,perfectly match the different types of Fast manual gearbox,Allision automatic gearbox, to protect the most kinetic energy rationalization output, the vehicle has an excellent starting ability, climbing ability Optimized arrangement of the...

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OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY DUMP TRUCK 5ERIE5 PRODUCTS Using a large ratio, enhanced mine double click wheel reduction drive axle, large capacity, strong shock resistance. ■ Vehicle frame uses box-beam structure, anti-distortion power,fatigue strength is 2 times.than E-beam No side beam structure, greatly lower center of gravity, which greatly improves vehicle stability. ■ Finite element analysis, simulate the complex conditions of static and dynamic loads, optimizing design on the force concentrated site, the reliability of the vehicle structure ahead of similar products industry. ■ Compartment...

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OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY UUMI> TRUCK 5ERIE5 PRODUCTS HJTCMG Optimum Design Highly Reliable High Attendance ■ Three filtering combination air filter (cyclone prefilter + two oil-on filter + Dry consider large-capacity air filter) effectively protect the engine, vehicle maintenance costs are significantly reduced. ■ The scissor-type rear door is new design in industry. Obliged door open ensure reliability.The secure lock is automatically open.Large opening angle protect rear door being damged by cargo. ■ Added below the engine fan windshield, prevent dust by changing the air flow direction, avoid...

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OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY UUMI> TRUCK 5ERIE5 PRODUCTS EJfCMG Multiple Choices Externally Three type of body for choose,can be applied to different conditions demand Rectangular box: Rectangular box is feasible for normal cargo transportation.The box can be open by rear and side door.The front part of box is forward and the rear part raise a certain angle. Rocker Type: For large stones, stone transport, a large impact and abrasion on cargo box. The rear part of box raise a certain angle with door NA. U type: U-shaped box is made of high-strength and one-time rolled steel plate.Light weight,...

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OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY UUMI> TRUCK 5ERIE5 PRODUCTS SJTCMG Higher Quality Industry-leading ■ Pneumatic suspension Pneumatic suspension vehicles compared with ordinary leaf springs have a better ride, more support can be an effective way to reduce the impact loads on the frame, bridge, suspension and ancillary components. While having a high degree of control, the focus of regulation, low atresia, better trafficability characteristic and climbing ability ■ Emergency turning device When the engine flameout or steering pump fails, from the emergency steering pump oil to achieve the emergency...

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OFF-HIGHWAY HEAVY WATERinG EART SERIES PRODUCES Model ParametersOff-highway Watering Cart Model

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