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XCMG HANVAN G7 Series Tractor - 2 Pages

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XCMG HANVAN G7 Series Tractor

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G7 is the new top generation and first on the market of HANVAN series, with width 2495mm. G7 was equipped with tough profile and fine cab. International advanced design of whole truck, aerodynamics analysis and design, ergonomics application, multi guard of active and passive safety, delicate details throughout the truck, all made the G7 to win the reput-ation of safety, reliability, economy, comfort and intelligent. The power output of G7 series truck range from 270hp to 480hp, which made it to be the comprehensive truck in the transportation of main logistics, medium and long distancelogistics, short and medium logistics, and project logistics fields. X PASSIVE SAFETY: STRONGLY FORTIFIED The safety satisfies the Europe ECE R29 standard. The frontal collision, side collision and roof pressure test of HANVAN cab are leading the way in China. The truck body adopts unique cage optimization structure and all-steel overall design. The thickness of key component steel reaches 4mm, which ensure safety during severe collision. The right and left door adopts integrative design, with anti-collision beam and strengthen frame. X HIGH-END BRAND COMPONENT Through the systematic research of reliability-failing, which effect safety, controllability, power performance and smooth, HANVAN truck equipped high-end main brand component in key componentpoint to eliminate the source of fundamentally. X MULTI IDENTIFY SYSTEM CAE technology is widely used for emulating during product research stage. Multi performance test ensure the design target. The bench test, road reliability experience of part and whole truck ensure thereliability goals of product. X ACTIVE SAFETY: NDUSTRY LEADS FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System),LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System)and TMPS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) etc. Active safety system is applied. Thespecific-ation level is in leading level. The brake system pressure reach up to IMpa.High reliable brake valve and electronic assembly makes short brake distance and stable brake performance. The truck illumination and signal assembly reached industry-leading level. The statically turn lamp could ensure assist lighting, which enhance safety during night driving. The daytimelamp enhances driving safety during overcast and raining days. The ALS(automatic light system) enhance the safety greatly during tunnel driving. X LEADING RELIABILITY The whole truck go through parts bench test, whole truck reliability bench test, reinforced road test etc. multi identify. The reliability reaches advanced level. The durability of logistics truck could reach up to 800000 kilometer. The durability of construction truck reaches up to 600000 kilometer. The mean time to first failure (MTTFF) and mean time between failure (MTBF) reach up to 10000 kilometer. Unit | Competitor J | Competitor Z | Competitor G | HthMVXhM Whole truck B10(service life)    km    1*500000    9 500000    500000-800000    600000-800000

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MORE ECONOMIC f EXCELLENT POWER MODULE    X LIGHT WEIGHT TECHNOLOGY X FUEL CONSUMPTION COMPARISON HnMVtkM G7 SERIES CONFIGURATION Most mature and classic power module. X AERODYNAMICS The aerodynamics design and analysis technology is based on integrated design of truck. The whole truck wind resistance reaches the advanced level. Main assembly adopts top logical design through CAE technology analyzing main component, thus improving the light level of whole truck. X OPTIMIZATION FOR SYSTEM MATCHING AVL cruise software is used for system matching and optimization according to working station...

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