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XCMG 9Ton wheel loader LW900KN construction - 6 Pages

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XCMG 9Ton wheel loader LW900KN construction

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OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Wheel base Wheel tread Dump clearance at maximum lift Reach at maximum lift Height of hinge at maximum lifting height Working heightffully lifted) Overall dimensions LxWxH MAIN SPECIFICATIONS Rated opreating load Bucket capacity Operating weight Maximum breakout force Maximum traction force Lifting time of boom Total cycle time Minimum turning radius (at tire center) Articulation angle Gradeability Tire size Engine model Rated Power/speed Traveling speed kW/rpm km/h km/h km/h km/h 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008 Description    Specification Rated bucket capacity    5m3 Rated loading capacity    9000kg Maximum breakout force 260kN

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LW900KN WHEEL LOADER Product Overview LW900KN wheel loader is the latest generation product of world’s advanced level built with all efforts by XCMG with the globalized R&D platform. Featuring strong power, high firmness and reliability, high energy-conservation and efficiency, high driving/riding comfort, and high operation safety, it’s the first-choice production equipment for ports, logistics, and large mines. Model Characteristics The latest integrated FOPS & ROPS ultra-low-noise cab features European/American mainstream style and super-large space and integrates the world’s most...

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Heavy-duty, high reliability, and energy-conservation LW900KN WHEEL LOADER Heavy-duty design ensures high firmness and reliability Mightiness is the style of XCMG and heavy-duty is the characteristic of XCMG. By utilizing the international advanced design means (such as 3D simulation), XCMG builds the industry’s most mighty machine structure, deeply researches the customer needs, and applies the globalized product R&D platform to guarantee the high attendance rate of the products. • Through the finite element analysis and optimization, the front and rear frames feature reasonable layout,...

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Heavy-duty, high reliability, and energy-conservation High-efficiency and energy-conservation The XCMG’s exclusive power system matching technology ensures the best power performance. The optimized bucket shape remarkably improves the bucket fullness rate. With powerful digging performance and rapid motions, the bucket can complete the maximum working load within the shortest time. LW900KN is applied with the industry’s most advanced energy-conservation technologies, including lightweight design, intelligent independent radiator, fully variable hydraulic system, so that the combined...

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Heavy-duty, high reliability, and energy-conservation Human-Oriented and High Comfort and Safety The latest integrated FOPS & ROPS ultra-low-noise cab features European/American mainstream style and super-large space and integrates the world’s most advanced technologies nowadays to reach the world-class level and realize higher safety, broader visual field, and better operating comfort. ■ Best operating environment • The cab with super-large space and good sealing performance is fitted with full-coverage exquisite interior trim parts and the damping and noise reduction measures for the cab...

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Heavy-duty, high reliability, and energy-conservation Convenient Maintenances XCMG takes the user’s convenient maintenances as the important design concept. All maintenance points are easily accessible to improve the safety, shorten the maintenance time, and ease the daily maintenances. New skeleton structure engine hood GPS system Through the GPS terminal system, the operation and maintenance situations of the machine can be timely and accurately understood and the construction status of the machine and the running data of the engine can be mastered. Electronic monitoring and sound-light...

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