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XCMG 70Ton Truck Crane QY70K-I Construction - 12 Pages

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XCMG 70Ton Truck Crane QY70K-I Construction

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汽车起重机 / Truck Crane

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QY70K-I广泛适用于建筑工地、城市改造、交通运输、港口、桥梁、油田、矿场等场所和其它 复杂的作业环境 QY70K-ITruck crane is widely used for the lifting operations in general engineering projects, such as construction site, urban renewal, communication and transportation, ports, bri

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 五节 “U型”44.5米主臂,最大起重能力:70吨,最大起升高度: 59.4米,性能全面领先  5-section boom of 44.5m with U-type profile is adopted; the max. lifting load is 70t; the max. lifting height is 59.4 m

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回转机构 Slewing mechanism  三排滚柱外齿式回转支承,360度回转  3-row roller type external tooth slewing ring, may continuously slew 360°.  先导式负载敏感液压系统  Load sensitive hydraulic system controlled by pilot hydraulic fluid  具有动力控制或自由回转的功能,可无级 调速  Power control and free-sliding functi

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QY70K-I 超强的起重性能 Super lifting performance  五节 U形 44.5米主臂,双缸绳排伸缩机构,基本臂最大起重力矩2303kN.m,最长 主臂起重力矩1129kN.m;  5-section boom of 44.5 m with U-style profile; double-cylinder plus ropes telescoping mechanism ; max load moment of base boom is 2303 kN.m , and that is 1129 kN.m of fully extended boom.  先进的嵌入式臂头,结构件强度大 ,下滑块面积大,受力状况更好,伸缩更平稳 。  Advanced build-in boom head, strong structural members and lower sliders with larger area contribute to better stress-bearing capacity and smooth telescoping movement. 成熟的负载敏感液压系统 Mature load sensitive hydraulic system  先导控制负载敏感技术的成熟应用,使系统不受负载压力变化和油泵流量变化的影...

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动力传动系统 Drive train  重汽发动机,额定功率276kw ,最大 输出扭矩1560N.m  Heavy truck group engine, rated power 276kw, max. torque 1560N.m  陕齿机械变速箱,软轴操纵,全同步 器  Mechanical transmission made by Shanxi Gear Factory, with synchronizer. It is manually operated through flexible shaft. 

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制动系统 Pneumatic disc brake  脚踏板操纵的双回路气压制动。第一回路作 用于一、二轴车轮上,第二回路作用于三、 四轴车轮上。  Foot pedal operated double-circuit air pressure brake. 1st circuit acts on the wheels of 1st and 2nd axles, and 2nd circuit acts on the wheels of 3rd and 4th axles.  驻车制动:弹簧贮能制动,作用于二、三、 四轴车轮。  Parking brake: spring energy brake, acting on wheels of 2,3,4 axles.  辅助制动:发动机排气制动  Auxiliary brake : engine exhaust brake 悬挂系统 Susp

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驾驶室 Driver’s cab 配置安全玻璃 Safety glass 大视野后视镜 Large-view rear mirrors 冷暖空调 Heater and air conditioner 室内空气加热器带

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人性化外观造型设计 New appearance and humanized design  整机造型刚劲有力,层次感与力量感完美结合;全面的人体工程学分析,人性化细节处理,打 造驾驶轻松、操纵舒适,维护便捷的内在品质  The appearance design makes the whole vehicle powerful and vigorous; Fashionable outlines of driver's cab and operator's cab bring perfect combination of sense of lays and sense of physical strength; ergonomics analysis and humanized details make inherent quality of easy driving comfortable operation and convenient maintenance

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地址:中国江苏徐州市铜山路165号 Add:No.165 Tongshan Road Xuzhou Jiangsu China 电话(Tel):+86-516-83462242/83462350 质量监督电话(Quality Inquiry Tel):+86-516-87888268 备件电话(Spare Parts Tel):+86-516-83461542 邮编(Post Code):221004 网址(Web) 本印刷品不属于合同。出于产品不断改进的需要,我们保留对产品型号、参数、配置进 行变更的权利,恕不另行通知。图片仅供参考,具体产品以实物为准。图片中产品可能 并非标准配置,部分部件可能需要另行购置。办理牌照和上路行驶需遵守当地法规。 This print does not belong to the contract. We reserve the right to modify the design (such as p

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