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XCMG 6Ton Wheel Loader LW600KN - 6 Pages

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XCMG 6Ton Wheel Loader LW600KN

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XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS ;<cmg 1W600KN KviiEtgiBEBi ®: (+86-516) 87739525 87739198 87739330 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008 XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Model Characteristics XCMG LW600KN wheel loader is rooted in the customers’ needs and based on the international R&D platform to thoroughly improve the product reliability, economy, comfort, efficiency, maintenance convenience, and adaptability and is a preferential machinery product for the production organization in the fields of ports, mines, engineering constructions, and logistics. Engine specification: Maximum net power 178KW China-III emission compliance Bucket capacity: 3.0~4.5m3 Gross machine weight: 20,000kg-21,200kg Model Characteristics The super-strong heavy-duty structural...

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High Efficiency Engine Optional Weichai engine The three-stage air filter is designed especially for severe working environment of construction machinery industry. The multi-stage fuel filter ensures good fuel adaptability and guarantees cleanliness of engine system. Structural parts T The super-strong heavy-duty design eliminates partial weaknesses and meets the needs under diversified severe operating conditions with fatigue destruction test of millions of cycles. ▼ The robot welding process ensures stable weld quality and high fusion depth. Optional ZF electronic control...

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Comfortable operations Comfortable driving environment ▼ The full-hydraulic pilot controlled working device and steering system features handy control and reduces the working strength of the driver. ▼ The steering gear, seat, and control box are freely adjustable depending on the operator's needs. ▼ The strong human-machine interactivity for the pedals and controls mitigates the fatigue during long-time operations. T The combination (flexible mode first and rigid mode second) of hydraulic flexible mode and mechanical rigid mode is adopted for the steering limits, in order to relieve the...

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Extensive adaptability Operation economy Environment adaptability ▼ The high energy-conservation and high-efficiency hydraulic system is applied to realize higher fuel utilization efficiency and more powerful working capacity. ▼ Normal operation under environment temperature of -35°C~+45°C. ▼ No power drop under altitude of up to 3,000m. ▼ The working device is design optimized to reduce the unnecessary consumption and improve the power utilization rate. ▼ The replacement interval is extended from 250h to 500h for the engine oil and is extended to 2,000h for the hydraulic oil to shorten the...

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Specifications Convenient maintenances Outline Dimensions ▼ The GPS remote malfunction diagnosis works with exclusive maintenance manual to reduce the user’s maintenance cost and help customer for equipment management. ▼ The engine hood adopts upturning large door design in large opening angle to ease the daily maintenances. ▼ The “one-stop” maintenance can be fulfilled for the engine oil filter, diesel filter, transmission and torque converter filters, and air filter. ▼ The centralized pressure measurement and the centralized lubricating for the hinges ease the services and maintenances. ▼...

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