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XCMG 60Ton Articulated Dump Truck XDA60E - 4 Pages

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XCMG 60Ton Articulated Dump Truck XDA60E

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JTCMG XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS XDABOEseaeiiisXDAGOE ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK Main Specifications MS Item    SB(2 Unit #gi Parameter R\f#SS Dimension Overall Length    mm    12610 Sm#SS Overall Width    mm    4084 Ktfl£H Overall Height    mm 4320/7610 (^Lifted) BiJ^Slffi Wheelbase front-mid    mm    4518 rhlsStlSf Wheelbase mid-rear    mm    2000 Tire center distance mSt F^on, ——™--3—^ Item    ®GtUnit #$! Parameter HT#SS Working Parameter *fiiiSK Loading Height    mm    3478 SSTfftR Hoist Angle    •    68 jgfflW Fuel iSEEifflffi Hydraulic Oil i$4Pi® Cooling system tlliffl Engine Oil Wheel Gear OiF(Eachf Power Train Materials and specifications may be changed at any time without prior notice Driving Performance gd'iSiBH*S Min Turning Clearance    mm    9690 ®*IS*g Max Grade ability    %    26 B;kft£]f§ Max Steering Angle    0    ±45 B'l'fgtftmlfl'jt Minimum Ground Clearance    mm    458 •    Payload (kg) : 60000• I!/!ae#]$ Rated Power (kW /rpm) : 503/1800 •    Max Grade ability (%) : 26

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J(CMC XDA60E ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK XDA60E§£@xCS£P$ Electronically controlled high performance diesel engines,The use of advanced modular common rail fuel system, High fuel efficiency, Low emissions, Low noise, Dynamic energy; the Efficient turbocharger. M®m, nm ffi, oi^/js,    s»;g$etgni§, rnmrnH^m;IA;a;jS;Si§, S6&SJEMI, rT^SB6 x N ( N=1 ~6 ) iK^MiCo Mt , SJIiZ&g Six independent electric drive technology. The ac drive system, through the six independent control and drive motor, Can realize 6 x N (N = 1 ~ 6) drive type. Six independent electricity drive technology have greatly improve the...

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XDA60E ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK mmOPERATE IN COMFORT • MUfFlii Excellent visibility »^isoiB5s««*»Fops«aa, seas®**-, issra® », tllBWFISo The fops cab is built from high strength steel .meeting FOPS standard, without A column design, with the broad space and vision. ifComfortable seat The seat is adjustable high gas suspension damping adjusters, equipped with the co-pilot seat. Complete interior e&BSu m&mi. The fully-equipped cab provided all kinds of display instrument, alarm, lighting, control switch, On-board computer, electric Windows, tilting and telescoping steering wheel, electric...

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The front suspension combines trailing arm independent suspension and Hydro-pneumatic spring; The rear axles is coupled to the frame by equal arm Balance suspension XDA60E The suspension of XDA60E can improve the uneven pavement impact to the vehicle, improve vehicle mobility and unparalled ride quality. • $$[6] Steering Import variable plunger pump provides oil source, flow amplifying hydraulic steering, good feeling steering wheel, high precision steering response, steering stable. Equipped with second steering accumulator. • Hoisting si, Hoisting is completed by a valve group to...

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