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XCMG 5.7Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE55D - 4 Pages

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XCMG 5.7Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE55D

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KCMG XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS XE55D$£@(s«iXE55D HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR Main Specifications Model    UOM    Parameters 3K-# Model MBS Direct injection 4/$?! Four stroke 7j<;$ Water-cooling iSftSg Turbo_ HS Number of cylinders SSSeSW Rated power Maximum torque / speed SB Displacement A Total length    mm B 0S Total width    mm C Total height    mm D Table width    mm E JSffi/SSS Overall width of chassis    mm F MmSt Track width    mm I RBSSttlQNI Counterweight clearance    mm J StEWitysiEK Minimum ground clearance    mm (SIM) Dozer (width / height)    mm Main performance friiiSJ* Walking speed    km/h    4.212.2 Hy&tlil Climbing ability    °    35 iiSESSt Flydraulic system Main pump    /    / Main pump rated flow    L/min    149.1 ±$4|S||Si] Main safety valve pressure    MPa    24 (T^RScEBtl Travel system pressure    MPa    24 Rotary system pressure    MPa    21 Pilot system pressure    MPa    3.5 imSB Scope of work A IJikftiffiiKft Max. mining height    mm    5630 D iiAIIlBSfiSfi Max. vertical mining depth    mm    2680 G MrSKRcMalW^fi Min. turning radius    mm    1670 Max. lifting height of soil    mm    390 ft±fr*;kffiiJt!3;S* Max. digging depth of dozer mm    560 tain Standard tmWSWSRTIMWag, 88*3frastp Materials and specifications may be changed at any time without prior notice KtWISfS Fuel tank capacity    L    110 Flydraulic tank volume    L    77 Igat/IMM Engine oil capacity    L    10

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• ilitlifllRift rT^IrHSI^ m, {£^$m«h£?s, Amxfi#jii^iafTf4#, ^i$s, tup TfffEx smiis* {\m^mA\^ mm, *Afijt±ji fi'tto

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XE55D HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR XE55D$Jil§»3fll iSSSft    XE55D iiiSiseff ttmm_ ( tops ) ( fops) «ffii£»a    V hesieb    v LCDSHUSffllgg    v sayii^iPTKsa^ saia.Hiissi HfrWit    ~ saininaji*, sataaisigg ssisteg *S»lteg ft; v-ssies o-ias®* PAGE

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