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XCMG 50Ton Mobile Truck Crane QY50KA Construction - 14 Pages

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XCMG 50Ton Mobile Truck Crane QY50KA Construction

Catalog excerpts

S&affiHSfM QY50KATruck crane is widely used for the lifting operations in general engineering projects, such as construction site, urban renewal, communication and transportation, ports, bridge, oilfields and mine, and complex working environments.

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■ E^ 'W 43.5*B'B,«*^fi^*: 50D$,«*^E«Jt: 58.1*,g*Ift¥®: 43.9*,tt^£®m ■ 5-section boom of 43.5m with U-type profile is adopted; the max. lifting load is 50 t; the max. lifting height is 58.1 m; the max. working radius is 43.9 m; The performance takes the lead comprehensively.

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HIMIS Slewing mechanism ■    , 36ojt[i]$$ ■ Single-row four-point ball contact external tooth slewing ring, may continuously slew 360°. ■ A constant displacement pump and motor Hydraulic system ■ Power control and free-sliding function are available, and speed may be infinitely regulated ■ [l]$$i^Ja?30-2r/min ■ Slewing speed 0-2r/min

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Super lifting performance ■    43.5 ^"u    ; ■ 5-section boom of 43.5 m with U-type profile is the longest of the same class in the industry; the max. parts of line is 12 for the main hook block. The performance is 3-10% higher than that of the competitors ; New energy-saving hydraulic system ■ «Afi£x ###*    min. stable slewing speed is 0.1°/s. The min. stable lifting speed (drum) is 2.5m/min. Precise and safe lifting movements can be realized. Hoisting mechanism ■ The open winch hydraulic system consisting of displacement pumps and constant displacement motors ■ Planetary gear reducer,...

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■ Mechanical transmission made by Shanxi Gear Factory, with synchronizer. It is manually operated through flexible shaft. ■ ^M^^80Km/h ,^^^:®tb^42% ■ Max. travel speed 80Km/h, Max. grade ability 42%

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QY50KA Low-speed large-torque power drive system ■ Strong power : gold drive system , reliable engine^ gearbox , strong ability on climbing. ■ Strong passing ability : approach anglev departure anglev distance of plate and ground leading industr. mfcwm Suspension system ■ ■ The front suspension consists of leaf springs ■ The rear suspension consists of rubber suspension and V-type thrust bars, wmwrn Pneumatic disc brake s,zsEa»as^ias ■ Foot pedal operated double-circuit air pressure brake. The disc brakes are used for the first axle, drum brakes are used for the 2nd and 3rd axles. ■ Parking...

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bus Driver’s cab ■    ,m ■ Full-dimension luxurious driver‘s cab with steel structure, full closed, good sealing performance , anticorrosion , and softening the interior. 3Riis, ■ Equipped with radio, adjustable seats, simple sleeper , steering wheel, safety glasses,electrically controlled windshield washer, electrically operated rearview mirror, electrically operated door window and glove box.

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QY50KA New appearance and humanized design ■ A new generation of appearance design makes the whole vehicle powerful and vigorous; Fashionable outlines of driver's cab and operator's cab bring perfect combination of sense of lays and sense of physical strength; ergonomics analysis and humanized details make inherent quality of easy driving comfortable operation and convenient maintenance Operator’s cab , wft&Si®, SSAMia. ■ New fully-enclosed steel operator’s cab with a full-view front window. Safety glass and sun shield are used for windows. Wipers are fitted for the windshield and roof...

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aluminium alloy fuel tank ■ Good appearance quality and strong corrosion resistance.

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QY50KA New appearance and humanized design ■ Fully covered aluminum alloy deck, strong sense of quality; independent wheel fender, sense of plentiful layers; ■ Guard rails made of aluminum alloy, high quality and strong anti-corrosion capacity; ■ Ergonomically designed hand holds and hand rails, made by fine manufacture process, convenient and reliable for climbing. More reliable component JlP65o ■ Waterproof component ,defend grade IP65. ■ Aluminium alloy oil tank,appearance beautiful,better corrosion resistance,better shock resistance. Power boosted shifting ■ Power boosted shifting with...

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No.165 Tongshan Road Xuzhou Jiangsu China (Tel) +86-516-83462242/83462350 (Quality Inquiry Tel) (Spare Parts Tel) This print does not belong to the contract. We reserve the right to modify the design (such as product model, parameters and configuration) without notice for improvement. The pictures are just for reference. The product in the picture may not be standard configuration. Some parts need to be purchased separately. Conform to the local laws for license application and road traveling.

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