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XCMG 4.2Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE35U - 4 Pages

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XCMG 4.2Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE35U

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IJTCMG XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS XE35UiKsi8snXE35II HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR mi Main Specifications fflB Model    UOM #S Parameters aftSB Turbo_/ $!!5e;MW(GB/T 17692) Rated net power    kW/rpm UjtfMi/ftii Maximum torque /    speed    N.m/rpm Outline dimension A Total length    mm B &S Total width    mm C SB Total height    mm D KBSiMI® Ground clearance of counterweight mm E    Min. tail swing radius    mm I Sd'KASHlIS Min. ground clearance    mm ffctfr (Sim ) Shovel (width / height)    mm iHtiie Main performance frSiiJH: Walking speed    km/h    3.6/2.2 HlftiiS Rotary speed    r/min    8.5 Ktt&B&tl Climbing ability    °    30 fttfettl± Ground pressure    kPa    36.6 fr^l-SSjdd Bucket digging force    kN    27.6 imSB Scope of work A sbUSiEKlS Max. mining height    mm    5215 B iSjtSPdiBft Max. unloading height    mm    3760 C fiifcBfiSfi Max. mining depth    mm    3060 D    Max. vertical mining depth mm    2260 E fttftiiSBfi Max. digging radius    mm    5415 ffctfrUdtflTI-Mg Max. lifting height of soil    mm    305 }§±frS^tJStteSS Max. digging depth of dozer mm    360 Hydraulic system ±!H Main pump    /    / Main pump rated flow_L/min_102 Main safety valve pressure    MPa    22 Travel system pressure    MPa    21 0$fSScJ±dd Rotary system pressure    MPa    16.7 ftmmmstl Pilot system pressure    MPa    3.5 teK Standard Slff-Kfi Boom length    mm    2560 WWWSlffiWISSWaS, S57F3f Materials and specifications may be changed at any time without prior notice ifiStSil Oil capacity KtfifiiSfK Fuel tank capacity    L    40 '/SEEtSfiSfH Hydraulic tank volume    L    45 JSSWlfllufiSM Engine oil capacity    L    7 •    Bucket Capacity ( m3): 0.11• JUfEill Operation Weight ( kg ): 4200 •    Rated net power ( kW/rpm ): 22.0/2400 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008

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XE35Ui£Effill#l More energy-conservation and environmental protection starts; mums. mpums'm-, aasa; pints More efficient return By adopting Yanmar engine meeting national stage III emission standard, mechanical fuel injection pump has reliable performance. With compact size, the maintenance is convenient. Enough low torque reserve can ensure strong power. High reliability can reduce the maintenance cost. ifEgsqrfiSit , £a«£Dt^y*j75jtfn50Jt, rT-!§±^0$$ Mists, Rear-end swing radius adopts tailless design, which can ensure that the tail part will not collide with obstacles under narrow working...

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XCMG XE35U HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR XE35Ui£j£@IStn, Convenient repair and maintenance mi. Cab adopts large area of high-strength stalinite to guarantee the cab’s strength and meanwhile improve the operator’s field view. Top of the cab is equipped with lighting lamp to ensure the accuracy and safety of night’s work. m,    mMummmm'z,, rtiu ««±, wo>tmw By adopting X frame chassis structure, there are stiffener plates inside the under frame, which can form box body with large cross section and achieve better bearing performance. Weight of upper carriage will be applied on the track beam evenly...

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XE35UiSEffi)i«l AE$!lffc Customization feJiiflS Standard configuration Emission grade; B =. National III_ Manual preheating_ )" Air filter(equipped with air filter clogging indicator) & Air filter double filter element_ Concentric cylinder engine oil filter Concentric cylinder main fuel filter JxllitPli Fan guard ift?&fi£S!j7.Kfi Auxiliary radiator /flTKff&S Fuel water separator Alternator_ mmm&M Flexible shaft speed control ;f§J3i^t Hydraulic system Control valve with main relief valve Pilot filter Suction filter_ Hte#s Accumulator Boom/arm flow regeneration >&J±;a ISO VG 46 Hydraulic oil...

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