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XCMG 39Ton Articulated Dump Truck XDA40 - 4 Pages

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XCMG 39Ton Articulated Dump Truck XDA40

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XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS XDA40BBiCBB$XDA40 ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK Main Specifications $(2 Unit Parameter Rtf#® Dimension Working Parameter Overall Length Overall Width Loading Height WHffi] Hoist Time StfliJiS Overall Height BO'fttSE Wheelbase front-mid SSTt-ftK Hoist Angle rpSSfflSi Wheelbase mid-rear Service Capacities $8't,'£>S§ Tire center distance BUSS Front Total Weight Axles-Wheel Gear Oil (Each) StSSiB Payload SssfiBlB'i') Axles-differential (Each) a±l#St Power Train #»»»»*■»»«. &T£fTfflHI Materials and specifications may be (hanged at any time without prior notke £Wl®S»t$s Rated Power sete Tires Driving Performance B©fr»il® Max speed Sd'SifiH^S Min Turning Clearance SHIRKS Max Grade ability Max Steering Angle B'J'StaiUKi Minimum Ground Clearance • £>&££■ Payload (kg) : 39000 •    Rated Power (kW/rpm) : 350/1800•    Max Grade ability (%) : 45

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HCMG XDA40 ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK HIGH PRODUCTIVITY • rj lumas* Reliable brake system • f7$SI5b Service brake iS^ilaE+^SSP(fulfil, KfE XDA40 adopts self oil cooled disc brakes system, ensure this Vehicle highly reliable and long lifetime. Even in the muddy road, XDA40 also function as a highly responsive. The large-capacity, continuously cooled, wet-multiple disc brakes also function as a highly responsive retarder which gives the operator greater confidence at higher speeds when travelling downhill. • 3£$$93] Parking brake msmm, IK, Spring loaded, hydraulic release,simple...

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UTCMG XDA4Q ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK OPERATE IN COMFORT Excellent visibility ft£ISOK^«tMFOPS/ROPSSg-5$^, taswa. The fops cab is built from high strength steel .meeting FOPS/ROPS standard, without A column design, with the broad space and vision. • ¥SH1I&HMSE Vehicle monitor system TuiEo    PM&fgjDl, MfWJr, HaTISMo Vehicle running data and fault alarm project adopts touch LCD display and control instrument display mode. A large color monitor improves availability and allows easy navigation between different screens.

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XDA40 ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK Body adopts full welder structure with high strength wear-resistant steel plate HB400; Bigger Dump angle , larger ground clearance, lower load-ina heiaht. verv aood for raDid loadina and unload- • BgBH&fft Illuminating System mmm&mmMi. $tiaua\ »«h\ s«i\ ma. s-5$ 24V0 Illuminating System is composed by headlamps, turn lights, side marker lights, reversing lights, brake lamp, foglights, ladder lights and Cockpit lights ,etc.Rational arrangement of lighting and caution lights meet requirements of liqhtinq and caution.The controlling and workinq voltage is DC 24V....

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