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XCMG 33.9Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE345C - 4 Pages

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XCMG 33.9Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE345C

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JTCMG XCMG E-Commerce Inc. For more complete information on XCMG products,dealer services and industry solutions, visit us on the web at XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS

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iiaa*n mmnn Forceful Power,Create Efficiency nftttegefitHi nh$feiMiT5^®j, msgmt}>; a SMKJIEKlim The imported original ISUZU engine has a strong power, which can meet high efficient operational requirements; The exact matching design coupled with advanced energy-saving control make the machine has less fuel consumption; Q The machine has low emissions, which meets Europe II standard; The new cooling fan and large-scale adoption of silencer, so that the noise is reduced; The advanced turbocharger technology is used to enhance the adaptation of the machine on highland; The automatic preheating...

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RAUl WATOR aatsss, urn, aujHi The Cab is Comfortable,Beautiful and Wide Vision J(t«®SS,««rS]±^oj®|5|0^piiixii4; ntmmmu    KitPBTtaiwiiTfe®; 9 The focused lubrication sys-tem is facilitating to repair. The oil-water separator.fuel filter, oil filt er,pilot oil filter are set at the place easyto change on the grounf. The safety net is set outside the radiator to effectively prevent inhalation of fly batt and other debris,con- venient demolition.clean easier. The large-capacity fuel tank can provides longer time of operating. The strengthen steel is used for a pillar to improve the overall...

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XCMG Main specifications BICMG XftlfiB Workeing Range    mm i&», ftTOSffiiftU Stnjcture and specification are subject to change wihout notice.

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