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XCMG 300Ton Mining Hydraulic Excavator XE3000 - 2 Pages

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XCMG 300Ton Mining Hydraulic Excavator XE3000

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More comfortable and safe m-sm, wits fimmm, th^id, t/anmmi&m&ttomm&m, w^s-3iMJi<«t?Ss m'mximm, PffasiiSM Special cab featured with ultra large space, full field of view, double seats and FOPS function is safe and reliable. Operation arrangement is reasonable and reliable. Compact layout can save much space. Cooling and heating air conditioning system with large power is fully automatic. Shock absorber with multipoint supporting can effectively reduce vibration and noise, providing operator with comfortable and capacious working environment and lower the operation fatigue of operators. • jfcJPSMzixfg, £JSIM&ifeE, Large screen display and multipoint video monitor can eliminate blind area and make the construction safer. •    ^*Ms mm.. Adopt centralized extinguish technology to protect the power compartment, pump room and main valve room in full directions, which can thus guarantee the safe operation. XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS Model il^II Operation Weight #*4^11 Bucket Capacity Unit    Parameters Appearance size Engine Model_ Egljt Electronic fuel injection 44fl Four strokes Water cooling Turbo-charging Air to air intercooler Silift No. of cylinders Output power Torque/speed flW Displacement I StiSE Crawler gauge    mm    4900 J SS&JfifSlHIt Clearance under counterweight mm    2247 L    Min. tail swing radius    mm    6640 Convenient repair and maintenance Main performance Travel speed ( H/L) Rotating speed_ mi&mtl Gradeability_ ScitfetbHiGround pressure #*4f§8ai2J Bucket digging force 4fft£tSi7] Arm digging force H:fc^l2] Maximum traction There are all channels between each part, which makes the maintenance within reach. Hydraulic system Main pump Rated flow of main pump ^iSc^lWJ±Jj Pressure of prime valve UjkMMBit] Pressure of travel system Pressure of swing system Pressure of pilot system L/min MPa MPa MPa MPa HT>eII] Working scope A it±tgtjair§iJ^ Max. digging height    mm    15100 D    Excavation depth of 8 feet level mm    8520 E    Max. vertical wall digging depth mm    3000 Maximum digging radius on ground mm    15845 fail} Standard Length of boom    mm    9000 PS i sdofi/fif o The whole machine adopts full automatic single-line centralized lubrication system to control grease amount and lubrication interval of each lubrication point accurately and ensure effective lubrication. JIC o Adopt centralized refilling system to achieve centralized maintenance of whole machine on ground, improve the maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance labor intensity. Oil capacity Fuel tank capacity Hydraulic tank capacity ^zfrf/l/EtlllS Engine oil capacity Materials and specifications may be changed at any time without prior notice • lr4§M ( m3) : 15 • mmm ( kg ) : 285000 • m&m ( kW/rpm ) : 1193/1800 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008

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More energy-conservation and environmental protection ( mcrs ) ,^smpsmj±±i , ^*3ts, mm mtS, )SSS#riijSSlI3E; SfflTLTAffitSJs^iPS j QuantumM^tjmfa Cummins full electric-controlled engine, with turbocharged technology and advanced modular common rail fuel system (MCRS) equipped, provides ultra-high injection pressure and plenty of power to improve fuel economy and meet various kinds of working conditions of mine construction. Adopt LTA low temperature after cooling system to guarantee the air intake temperature and service life of engine cylinder body. Quantum system monitors each working...

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